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'Fazaa bhi hai jawan jawan' Guitar Cover+Tutorial

From the classic evergreen movie, Nikaah, I bring you this amazing melody on chords. This song is unique because each line, I repeat - each line, has 4 chords to play and that's what makes this song of intermediate level. It is total fun to play!

It is hard to get this song's chords progression on internet but I found out the original scale but with the hazy rest. So I made the rest up by myself. Daring move and also my first! Yay!

It's the first time I have prepared the whole chord progression just by listening. When it comes to music, 'listening' tops the list of musical virtues. So far, I am pleased with what I have carved. But do suggest if you have something better.

Watch on my YouTube: Priyanka Baranwal Watch on my FB Musician page: Guitar Gorgeous

Read the same post in Hindi: 'फ़ज़ा भी है जवां जवां; गिटार कवर और टुटोरिअल 
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Duet Singing performance at Maurya Manch 2019

Before you indulge yourself in some music here, first read something. Three articles that got published in MKP's 2019 Souvenir - My kid's, my Baba's and mine HERE.
As you already know, Maurya Kala Parisar is one of the organizations in Kuwait which my family is a part of. MKP holds several events through out the year viz. Food festival, Sangeet Sandhya, picnic etc. Maurya Manch, however, is their most highlighted event of the year. MM is basically a cultural event meant to showcase its members' talent/s which usually stays hidden unless given a chance.

Articles published in MKP Souvenir 2019

Good news to share. 
In Maurya Kala Parisar's Annual Souvenir (2019), three articles from my side got published - My kid's, my Baba's (Great grandfather) and mine.

Vishva Hindi Divas celebration at Indian Embassy, Kuwait

Very recently, this Thursday on January 9th, i was invited at Indian Embassy, Kuwait to be a part of their celebration. i attended the event on behalf of Maurya Kala Parisar, an esteemed organization of which we are a part of. The occasion was World Hindi Day or Vishva Hindi Divas.
You can watch clips and my poem recital here:

i read one of my poems written on Republic Day - भारत की अद्वितीय स्वर्णिम गाथा.
It was a proud moment for me to be there and able to recite my words in front of Indian Ambassador, Shri Jeeva Sagar ji and other guests. 
A couple of my friends from Writers' Forum (of which i am a part too) too were there to recite their creations. It was beautiful. Everyone loved our poems.
Read the same post in Hindi: भारतीय दूतावास में विश्व हिंदी दिवस समारोह 

Enigma that love is.

i feel awful as i begin to write here, on my English blog. Because i am generously four posts short on my Hindi blog and once i finish this one, number would rise to 5! i need to carve some time out and update my other blog as well but for now, let's begin.
Have you watched the movie - The Imitation Game? It's based on Alan Turing's life. Did it click anything, like Turing Machine? Befriend this extra-ordinary guy by clicking HERE. Today if computers are possible, thank to Mr. Turing. The guy was mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher and theoretical biologist.

Chhu kar mere man ko Guitar cover+tutorial

Finally i get to sing and play my favorite song on guitar albeit it was ready since a week (at least) but was stuck into something i couldn't come out of. Hence, the delay. 
The one behind me you are seeing is my new guitar. Say welcome to our musical family. My guitars are not only a tool to be with. They are the extension of who i am and how much more i can be.
Hope you like the cover. There is tutorial afterwards too. 

You can like my Fb Musician Page: Guitar Gorgeous

Read this post in Hindi: 'छू कर मेरे मन को; गिटार कवर और टुटोरिअल 

Day 10th (last day) - 'Vacation Mode On!' series

It's final day of our 'Vacation Mode On!' series. If you wish to have an idea what it's about, read about Day 1 of the series. 
Final day
Have you ever been excited about the last day of school/college exams? Remember how during all the papers, the moment you sat down to study, sleep would crush you with its enormous weight? It was so frustrating because you could not sleep! You. Had. To. Study. For exams. In every single minute of this frustration you flew high in your imaginations assuming the magical last day. You  thought the absolute freedom would bring you Sleep Fairy waving her wands all over your head, making you fall sleep magically but ultimately what happened? Did you ever find sleep? Even if you were on bed for an hour, sleep was just off! It was nowhere at all!

Days 7, 8 and 9 - 'Vacation Mode On!' series

Happy New Year!
Past three days have waltz away so cleverly that i am finding it difficult to mention everything that we did as family. But i will try to catch some good moments.
i will give the accounts of 3 days straight away.
Day 7

A letter to self. (2018)

Dear Me,
By the way, when you start writing a letter to yourself, make sure none of your favorite tele shows are on. Like Friends or The Big Bang Theory. It isn't advisable.
Anyway, let's begin. 
It's the end of 2018, December 31st and since you didn't write a single letter to yourself through the rest 364 days, doing it now may seem sentimental or even silly but then there is another thing about doing something for the first time - it becomes special! So, treat this letter as one of the specials done at edge of 2018.

2018. A year that saw many downs than ups, more pitfalls than regularity, more disappointments than achievements but does any of it make it less special? One would say, kind of but that's not how i would want you to think or even remember this year. i would want you to think of 2018 as the best year of your life. Why? Because the same pitfalls have been the mile stones on which you created the reality of Happiness. There was absolutely no other way y…

Day 6 - 'Vacation Mode On!' series

In the quest of 'Vacation Mode On!' series, next in line is Day Six. For Day 5th, click HERE.
Day 6
Weekend strolled away quite quickly. We did some activities, i attended two events back to back on Friday. Saturday went into some essential shopping. As a parent, i feel we must take kids to shopping. It assists in growing the virtue of patience and discipline in them. But only when shopping is a necessity.
When hubby left for office, i decided to snuggle in bed, with my kid. We talked for sometime. Somewhere, he asked quite an intelligent question - 
Mumma! What do you and Papa talk that i am not supposed to hear?