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तीन कवितायेँ

मेरे पापा सुपरमैन - 'फादर्स डे' स्पेशल'

एक बहाना ही सही ये फ़ादर्स डे चलों खोलें कुण्डी उन गलियारों के जहाँ मैं नन्ही सी मुस्कुराती दौड़ रही पकड़ी उंगलियां अपने पापा के; माँ का आँचल अगर अनूठा है तो पापा की गोद भी तो भली है; माँ का लाड़ अगर है सबसे प्यारा तो पापा संग दोस्ती भी तो सबसे गाढ़ी है; बीमार पड़ी तो गुड़िया ले आते, उदास हुई तो पास बिठा कर पूछते - क्या हुआ? कुछ कहा किसी ने? इस प्रेम के आगे सब शिकवे दूर हो जाते; भाई बहन मुझसे सिफारिश लगवाते - 'तुम कहोगी तो पिताजी ला देंगे!' मैं गर्व से तन जाती, मन ही मन मुस्कुराती, पापा के दिल की चाबी बन जाती;

Creativity+Memory = Working ideas

Our kid got a Mathematics project. As expected, he remembered it last minute. Hubby worked at his incredible idea and hassled with card board boxes for almost two hours. Looking at the team of hard working dedicated father-son, i was almost sure i would not have to pitch in as The Ultimate Savior, just like old times.

If you believe me by Priyanka Baranwal

You are my heart You are my pain If you believe me We are pretty much the same; It feels like a new thing But we are gettin' old If you believe me i don't care what we are being told; We got only a few days To carry what is ours If you believe me Life as you know is never fair! It all began with one little thought With an innocent smile on those lips Words, lines, stanzas, and a whole page Created a free world in a serene cage; Now time has gone by Without failing the speed If you believe me Our ship sailed on wheels; Hey, look at the pieces Shattered all around  If you believe me Each carries a bit of we ; i know you hate me But i won't blame you If you believe me A little bit i do too; Let's kiss the air inhale the sweetness Celebrate the inevitable, and bit of our silliness Smiles, kisses, caresses, and a bunch of laughter Left behind, for someone who never had it; Now sitting on

'Kabhi Kabhi' Guitar cover+tutorial

So above is the cover of the song - Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai - from the movie - Kabhi Kabhi. Legendary song featured on Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha, i guess.  First part of the video is the cover where i have played the entire song except for Verse 2. You can, however, find the chords and the chord pregression of the entire song here - Kabhi Kabhi Full Song Guitar Chords .  In the second and the final part, you will find the tutorial with chords and strumming patterns on screen. It's a super easy song. i have given away two strumming patterns. Hope you enjoy listening as well as learning. You can visit and like my FB Musician page: Guitar Gorgeous Follow me on IG: AuthorPriyanka  

First thing to do in the morning to have a great day #tapwithpriyanka

Welcome to my blog. What's New? - Almost a month ago, i started a series on my pages - Hashtag Tap With Priyanka (#tapwithpriyanka). In this series, i talk about one idea/topic/issue that i feel is in the need to be addressed. i started because it can be a great tunnel between you and i to get/stay connected and of course, i will also be able to have a particular dedicated space where i am free to express things i would love to discuss. Why? - i talk from my heart , include personal experiences, am not afraid to talk about my failures and happy to share obstacles i face/d and my achievements, try to understand what makes the idea/topic/issue complicated and unique...basically, i talk only when i feel strongly and deeply connected to it. Or else i won't do it. It can be a weekly talk but when i am juggling with too many things, it can take time but i make sure i do it and share . A few days ago, i posted the fourth video in the series. However, in the video i hav

'बेटी' से 'माँ' बनने का सफर - Mother's Day Special Poem

आज एक बेटी की तरह नहीं  बल्कि एक 'माँ' की तरह   आज के दिन की शुभकामनाएं  देना चाहती हूँ।  जब तक सिर्फ बेटी थी  तब तक सिर्फ 'लेना' जाना  चाहे प्रगाढ़ प्रेम हो या अपूर्व अपनत्व ; कॉलेज की फीस हो या रिक्शे के पैसे; रिश्तेदारों की नुक्ताचीनी से बचने के लिए आँचल हो  या गिर जाने पर उठाने वाली दो बाहें;  शाम की चाय हो या शाही पनीर के साथ रोटी; त्योहारों पर मिलने वाला उपहार हो  या रोज़मर्रा की ज़रूरतों की लम्बी फेहरिस्त; दोस्तों का जन्मदिन या हो खुद की सालगिरह, खुद गलती कर स्वयं ही रूठ जाना हो  या मनाने पर भी बात न करने की ज़िद !     जब तक सिर्फ बेटी थी  तब तक बस 'लेना' सीखा,  मगर आज जब एक माँ हूँ  अब कहीं कुछ 'देना' है सीखा; रोज़ सवेरे उठ कर पहले खाना बनाना  टिफ़िन पैक करना सब कुछ रेडी रखना  तिस पर भी सबके नखरे सहना; अब बनी बनायी चाय नहीं मिलती, माँ  रोज़ खुद ही बनानी पड़ती है; मेथी मलाई पनीर की ख्वाहिश भी  खुद ही पूरी करनी पड़ती है; नींद चाहे कितनी भी भारी हो  बेटे की एक खांसी पर दौड़ जाती हूँ; प्रतिय

My first ever Open Mic night - a dream come true

Paulo Coelho says, when you want something, the whole universe conspires to get it to you. How many of you believe in the above? Very recently, on May 2nd 2019, i received an opportunity that had always been a dream to me - to play at Open Mic. In Kuwait. Yes. Miracles happen.  Let's dive straight into the details. Here is the whole performance you can watch and enjoy: So what's Open Mic? In my defintion, OM is the event where mic is open to all kind of artists. You can perform music, singing, dancing, story telling, even poem recitation. The major factor of any OM or any event on that matter is, that it has to be entertaining, or else why will the audience tolerate you up there? The event was organized by Staged In Kuwait (SIK) and was in the basement of a beautiful house. The space was cozy and warm. There were cocktails and bite sized food. People were friendly. i talked to some of them. When i told a few that it is my first OM and that i am nervou

My article for IMSAKIYAH - Ramadan special IIK supplement

i am a regular contributor to Indians In Kuwait (IIK) portal which is the biggest expat community.  Ramadan is going in here, the month of fasting. i again the pleasure to express my views on this. Here is my article that got published recently in IIK's Ramadan special supplement - IMSAKIYAH (Breaking of fast). Read it here: Friendship and Festivals In the article, i have reminisced my college days (graduation years) when we were the group of three friends. One of them was Muslim. i have recollected how two of (Hindu) friends would go to her house on Eid and enjoy bowls of delicious Semiya.  Truly speaking, these memories were long forgotten. When i received the opportunity to write something for Ramadan then only i could dive back in time and extract something in particular. i enjoyed these memories, remembered our friendship that lasted three years (before we move apart. Life is a journey), and smiled typing each word.  i have also shared perspectives of two