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तीन कवितायेँ

मेरे पापा सुपरमैन - 'फादर्स डे' स्पेशल'

एक बहाना ही सही ये फ़ादर्स डे
चलों खोलें कुण्डी उन गलियारों के
जहाँ मैं नन्ही सी मुस्कुराती दौड़ रही
पकड़ी उंगलियां अपने पापा के;

माँ का आँचल अगर अनूठा है
तो पापा की गोद भी तो भली है;
माँ का लाड़ अगर है सबसे प्यारा
तो पापा संग दोस्ती भी तो सबसे गाढ़ी है;

बीमार पड़ी तो गुड़िया ले आते,
उदास हुई तो पास बिठा कर पूछते -
क्या हुआ? कुछ कहा किसी ने?
इस प्रेम के आगे सब शिकवे दूर हो जाते;

भाई बहन मुझसे सिफारिश लगवाते -
'तुम कहोगी तो पिताजी ला देंगे!'
मैं गर्व से तन जाती, मन ही मन मुस्कुराती,
पापा के दिल की चाबी बन जाती;

Creativity+Memory = Working ideas

Our kid got a Mathematics project. As expected, he remembered it last minute. Hubby worked at his incredible idea and hassled with card board boxes for almost two hours. Looking at the team of hard working dedicated father-son, i was almost sure i would not have to pitch in as The Ultimate Savior, just like old times.

If you believe me by Priyanka Baranwal

You are my heart You are my pain If you believe me We are pretty much the same;
It feels like a new thing But we are gettin' old If you believe me i don't care what we are being told;
We got only a few days To carry what is ours If you believe me Life as you know is never fair!

It all began with one little thought With an innocent smile on those lips Words, lines, stanzas, and a whole page Created a free world in a serene cage;
Now time has gone by Without failing the speed If you believe me Our ship sailed on wheels;
Hey, look at the pieces Shattered all around  If you believe me Each carries a bit of we;
i know you hate me But i won't blame you If you believe me A little bit i do too;
Let's kiss the air inhale the sweetness Celebrate the inevitable, and bit of our silliness Smiles, kisses, caresses, and a bunch of laughter Left behind, for someone who never had it;
Now sitting on the make shift bed Wishing to snorkel to the final breath If you believe me It has neve…