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It's okay to keep one small bad habit.

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed. Easy to get into but hard to get out of.
Do you agree? 
But what about those bad habits which are not too bad and are somewhat okay to keep? They are not as harmless as smoking or drinking. In fact, they can be good for health at some length. 
Such as regular tea (milk tea).
Having grown up in a household that's too fond of regular teas to let go, i too seem to carry the same tradition wherever i go. i have tried but recent years have taught me one thing - whenever i am stressed, my handmade regular tea is the only rescue, nothing else. Just last evening i was too much stressed. had a walk in the nearby park. By the time i returned home, it was already eight thirty. Despite of the oath i had taken ten minutes ago while walking in the park, i ended up with my cup. When it came down to last sip, i did not, at all, regret my decision.
With each sip it feels the stress is melting away. i can't watch TV during weekdays. All i do is to read, w…

Becoming the change i wanted to see.

Being in Kuwait since October 2017, the city has not only given us a second home but has also provided many opportunities my way. The recent being, my article - The Benchmark - in Toastmasters Int'l Division F magazine for March 2019. Click the name to read.
But by one thing i was always concerned - the magnitude of the usage of plastic bags/items here. With no intention to offend anyone, if you go out to buy 5 items, they will give them in 5 different plastic bags. Often i'd request the boys at the tills to use lesser number of plastic bags but to no avail. They say, it's done like this here. 
Despite of being a stellar example of well organized infrastructure and architecture, Kuwait is yet to address the issue of using plastic bags. Tons and tons are being produced, used and thrown carelessly every day. It saddens me to no end.
My father has always taught to use resources in mindful ways. Going out of the room? Don't forget to switch off fan and lights. Of course, …

Maana ki hum yaar nahin Guitar Cover (Chords)

From the movie: Meri Pyaari Bindu, i have brought this time: Maana ki hum yaar nahin on chords. i enjoy this song, however, may not have sung perfectly yet i feel the strumming pattern that i have created for this feels pretty good.

In this video, unlike other videos, tutorial comes first in which you will find 3, no, 4 things:

1. Chords
2. Chord progression
3. Strumming pattern, and
4. How to play strumming over chords

i have also played HPHS style (half plucking half strumming) a bit just to give a nice touch. Hope you will enjoy listening to it.

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The Benchmark - My article in Toastmasters Division F March 2019 Magazine

Being a writer is awesome and can be rewarding in ways you would never imagine.
Very recently, in fact this March, my article got published in Toastmasters' Division F magazine. 

It is an achievement i had never imagined having! i feel too grateful and joyful to express.
But...i can not take the entire credit. Because i had someone helping me out for this article; a toastmaster who not only accepted to be the beta reader but also agreed to edit it as per her expertise. It's toastmaster Biji Gittens. She is senior to me and quite a sincere person when it comes to help others. Biji read my article, expressed her views and on my request, edited it as well and made it better and more conversational.
A big thanks to you, Biji. i will make sure you read this post for i am going to share the link with you.
TMs like Biji and others whom i have mentioned in my article have helped me in one or the other way to become better, to grow with each attempt. It's rare when you cross paths…

Have a break, have a song.

After having been to India recently for fifteen days, it had me put my guitar behind, in Kuwait. In no words i can possibly explain how much i missed strumming it. When you are as deep into something as i am (writing and music), the passion feels like an extension of yourself, and not as something that comes from outside. How well the path of finding yourself gets easier when you begin to be passionate about something, it can only be understood once you nurture the passion with utmost dedication.