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Pod Petal and Blog post

Like a pea pod opening to the universe Allow your shy heart  to shed layers  to open to adjust to expose;
Like a flower petal leaning on the sunshine Allow your dimensions to stretch to be discovered to bend to mingle into One;
Like a blog post written to be read Allow the burdened soul  to mend to get scripted to be held to be loved...

What happens when you forget to put a spoon in your kid's lunch box?

He would return home with the box full of food, duh!
Only it wasn't a duh moment for me today. It was rather an Oh no! moment, dripping with shock, sadness and anger. i was shocked and angry with myself whereas sad for my kid. Me forgetting to pack a spoon for his lunch meant he only had a sandwich, a few grapes and an orange. Because of my forgetfulness, he came back home hungry.
Usually i take care of such scenarios in advance. i always put an extra or two spoons in his bag. Evidently, today's incident wasn't the first. i have forgotten the spoon 2-3 times earlier and he had somehow managed eating with hands but that did not stop me from wincing. Today, he couldn't eat his rice and curry with hands.
So first thing i did was to pack a couple of spoons in his bag and then i quickly hauling myself into the kitchen where i made him a nice, healthy snack. 
So if you're a parent, learn this from another parent. Keep an extra set of spoons and forks in your kid's b…

Guitar Gorgeous evening

It's not work that's the driving force. It's passion that should.
That's what i posted on my handles today.

Tujhse naraz nahin zindagi (Movie: Masoom) Guitar cover

It's been quite some time since i have shot and uploaded any cover. Why? Watch the above video and you will get the answer. Yes, you got it right. It's a trick to get you watch my performance. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Life Management with Colours of Life Weekend blast #2 (Oct 13th 2018)

Continuing the joy of sharing, learning about life and meeting new people, we finally finished Life Management with Colours of Life by Crawford Wilson D'Souza yesterday on a very positive note.
We did the first day of the workshop the previous day i.e. Friday. Read the details before you plunge in here:
Life Management with Colours of Life Weekend blast #1 (Oct 12th 2018)
Second day started on a bright note as well. All 8 of participants sat down to continue learning more about life management. This day saw more of an action under the careful supervision of Mr. Wilson where we did many activities. You will get to know further in the post. Today was about understanding and learning the rest 2 of the 4 facets of life:
3. Know it (or, #Knowit) 4. Do it (or, #Doit)
Once again, before we get down with details, read about the first day to be able to understand life management better: 
Life Management with Colours of Life Weekend blast #1 (Oct 12th 2018)
One of highlights about Mr. Wilson,…

Life Management with Colours of Life Weekend blast #1 (Oct 12th 2018)

They say when you seek for it, you get it.
On October 4th (Thursday), i attended a wonderful seminar on Life Management with Colours of Life by Crawford Wilson D'Souza (click to read the post). It was 1.5 hours long and i got to learn and evaluate many aspects of life.
Since good things hardly stop but take a considerate pause, the same seminar is being organized on a more elaborate level this weekend i.e. Oct 12th - Oct 13th as a two days workshop. i have taken part in it. Where previous session was free, this one, however, is paid. 
So this post is on accounts of yesterday's session where Mr. Wilson walked us through two of the four seemingly important facets of life:
Find itPlan it When all the participants were seated in a cozy but enclosed chamber of Coffee Masters, Mr. Wilson took the helm with what i like to call a smooth start, asking each one of us  - Why?
Why do you want to attend this seminar?
A perfect question to understand the audience and then deliver the expecta…

3 Tips to Get Better at Guitar #1

First some good news. My recent blog post has made it to the front page of Indians In Kuwait aka IIK, Kuwait's largest portal for expats. i am grateful and honored to have this opportunity. To read, click on the below link:
Priyanka Baranwal's Article on Indians In Kuwait
Now let's dive into the subject we have gathered here for. i have uploaded guitar covers and tutorials here. Have scripted my journey as well but no article on how to get better at playing it.

But let's end it here. i am going to share 3 amazing practical tips on how to get better at guitar. i have been learning guitar since 3 years and now in the position to dispense some wisdom that has helped me evolve over time.
1. Keep it tuned
Can you sing good with cough and cold? No? That's what i thought.
If you don't tune your guitar, it'll affect its voice too. This is the first thing i learned in my guitar class (India). Always and always keep your guitar in Standard Tuning before start playing.…

Seminar on Life Management with Colours of Life by Crawford Wilson D'Souza

Last Friday we had the opportunity to attend 5th Dinkar Divas Celebration by Maurya Kala Parisar 2018.  The day turned into a memorable one.
In the same league, i was looking forward to do something exciting this weekend again. Turned out, there was a seminar being held at Gurukul, a place near to my house, on life management. What can i say? Problem solved.
The event was titled as Free seminar on Life Management with Colours of Life by Crawford Wilson  D'souza. Let me put its motto as it was mentioned:

Dinkar Divas celebration by Maurya Kala Parisar at Indian Embassy 2018

Quite recently we attended 5th Dinkar Awards Ceremony and Hindi Divas rolled into one on Friday Sept. 28th 2018 organized by Maurya Kala Parisar (MKP) with support of India Embassy, Kuwait. The day celebrates the birthday of Indian National Poet (Rashtrakavi) Ramdhari Singh Dinkar (Sept. 23rd). Hindi Divas falls on Sept. 14th.

Click to know about Embassy of India, Kuwait

Click to know about Maurya Kala Parisar, Kuwait
Three things to mention: i am an Indian. My mother language is Hindi, andi am in Kuwait i.e. away from IndiaNeedless to say, i was eager to see the day unfold itself. We are also a part of MKP, Kuwait and have attended a few of their programs earlier but when it came down to attend Hindi Divas, a day dedicated to our mother language, there was no way i was going to give this particular event a miss. After all, who would want to miss out on listening to the sweetness of their mother language?

Life is a continuous learning - An interview with Ms. Lidia Al Qattan (Creator of Mirror House, Kuwait)

It happens rarely but when it does, it lasts forever.
A couple of weeks ago i met Ms Lidia Al Qattan, the creator and owner of Mirror House in Kuwait. We visited the house not knowing what to expect but once we stood before the gate, the peripheral walls were only the hint of what laid inside. The interior of the house is heavily embellished with mirror pieces encasing birds, planets, stories and what not. Be it floors, walls, ceilings or even the staircase, Mirror House, Kuwait is a stunning piece of creativity but the bigger surprise arrived when i interviewed Ms. Lidia at the end of the tour. Turns out, she is more magnificent than the house itself.
Read Our Visit to Mirror House, Kuwait