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My mother, i and the evening tea time

There is a beauty in every moment. We just need to discover it.
Take tea time for example. It's quite a simple slot of the day. Put a pan on stove, add ingredients, let it brew, strain and enjoy. Or better, if someone else does the whole process for you and you still end up with a perfect cuppa. But as i said, there is a beauty in every moment if you wish to see it. Tea time happens to be actually one of the most special times of the day for me.

An evening in Mirror House, Kuwait

Note: To know more about the house, click anywhere on its name.

We visited Mirror House here on last Friday evening. Unlike other tourist places in Kuwait, you need to take an appointment first because Mirror House is a private property owned and managed by Ms. Lidia Qattan. 
i had my share of speculations before the visit. 
How would it be? Why it is called Mirror House? Is it entirely made of mirror pieces? Well, that feels like an impossible thing to exist. Are we expected to see mirrors all over, same types we have in our home, plain and framed? A house can never be made entirely of mirrors, can it? Anyway...
We reached at around 4:05 but once we stood there facing the entrance, we were thrilled by the sheer creativity put on display. There are mirrors all over, put and glued together in various forms like birds, animals, stars... It was totally awesome! You can see it in the movie above. You can only imagine the interior just by staring at the magnificence of the gate and walls a…

Hindi Diwas Special: Mayapuri, my first novel

14th September is celebrated as Hindi Diwas nationwide. Since Hindi is my mother language, i wanted to share something unique, something special. After a little bit of thinking, diving deep into memories, i found the historical moment: Mayapuri
It's not an scholastic book but my first novel. Mayapuri is written by the popular author, Shivani. i guess i was fourteen or fifteen when i had finished reading this. i don't remember who had recommended it to me back then but till to this date, i am grateful to that person for handing me over such a marvel. Mayapuri is still as close to my heart as it was on the day i had closed the book after finishing the last page. The story of Shobha and Satish had found a permanent home in my heart.

The unpredictability

There was this movie airing on &Prive (as in and pree-vey) today's morning. This channel is for those 'who feelthe other side'. That's it's punch line. Truly speaking, i don't see the other side but am often tuned only to feel it, if there is any. Bottom line, it's one of my favorites.
Despite of telling myself not to switch on TV, i did nevertheless and sat down with my plate. i actually settled for the screen only hoping to see a good movie. Turned out, the channel was airing one and it had started just 10 minutes ago.
The movie name is The Lovers. The info of the movie intrigued me. i usually avoid romance genre but there was something about the gist that made me continue watching.

How to manage two jobs at the same time.

i am an author and a musician. Writing and music are an immense part of my life. If it wasn't for the love of writing, i'd never be able to see my names on books and if it wasn't for my passion about guitar, i'd not be into music. And i am grateful that i get to do both at the same time.
While doing both is wonderful, and extremely rich in experience and learning, the other side of truth is, that it's far more frustrating than rewarding. i am often puzzled on organizing my day with both. Both are expansive, like a sky full of stars or, a mother's heart. There is no end but various intricacies involved. 
Yet i do but more importantly, i succeed. How? Let's talk some of the ways i deploy to get the two of the most difficult jobs in the world done at the same time. This may come across as something important to you as well.

#1. Compartmentalize 
Even bigger is the hard work you have to commit into doing two jobs at once. Compartmentaliz…

The recent tragedy of my life

After a long time, i got to play my guitar. The feeling is indescribable. The little clip belongs to last evening.

A jaunt at Camino Island

Just a couple of days back i returned from Camino Island. Short vacation but totally worth my time.
Just FYI, Camino Island is the latest book i finished reading two days ago. It's written by the legendary John Grisham and if i go by the name i have crowned him with after finished this book, he'd be Leopard Grisham. Why? You'll get to know soon.

10 people. 10 lessons. 1 Question. - Teacher's Day Special

We respect our teachers and mentors and when it's a day of perfect excuse to recall each one of them, we call it Teacher's Day.
September 5th is celebrated as teacher's Day in India, however, the date varies per country. In Malaysia, it's May 16th. New Zealand's is on October 29th. Germany's falls on October 5th along with UAE and UK. Where this day falls on last Friday of October in Australia, USA celebrates the occasion for 7 days during Teacher's Appreciation Week (First full week of May). 
For the whole list, click here.

Regardless of the country, history and the duration to celebrate Teacher's Day, one teacher is common among all: Time. Time is the biggest teacher and probably that's why this idea struck me yesterday. Instead of talking about my school/college mentors or thanking my parents like every year, i decided to select 10 people to whom i'd ask 1 question. There were higher probabilities of variation in their responses. Hence, 10 l…

Wait for the closure

For the whole day i kept waiting anticipating anytime now only it didn't happen even until five the time when i made my mind then carved the closure quietly inside;
it's funny how you get close  to some closures within a day for some are strange, stubborn not coming near even after a long year may be they have decided to forever stray!

Let's pray for our haters

Imagine you have a small baby who has just learned to crawl. You don't have to imagine if you are already dealing with one. Now, that baby has just learned to move and it has become the greatest adventure of his little life so far. Where he was fixed at one spot all the time, moving around and exploring things have turned to be no less than doing the world tour to him. The home, by all means, is the world to a baby.

"Do you think women are not strong?" - Janmashtami special post

i had settled down to practice a song on my guitar but thought to share Janmashtami wishes on my pages first. Janmashtami is basically celebrated as the birth date of Hindu god, Shri Krishna. The day, every year, celebrates the innocence of childhood through out India.
And, i'd also like to share a little morning event that happened recently.

How to use mobile phones 3 times smarter?

Whenever i read an interview of any celebrity, one question often pops up:
What are the three things you don't leave your home without?
In all the answers, mobile phone was the constant inclusion. i don't blame them for i too would say - Money, mobile and house keys - if ever i am asked the same.