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My books in Jarir, Egaila branch, Kuwait

There could be no better way to begin the weekend than to see my books in another of Jarir bookstore here. 
Each branch of Jarir bookstore is huge! Be it electronics, books, gift items, household articles (not groceries), stationary, bags, toys, coffee and decorative items, Jarir is one stop for tasteful shoppers and readers to spend hours in a corner holding a book over a cup of coffee. For more information, click here: Jarir Bookstore.
After brunch, we headed to have a look at our books. Such moments are worth capturing.

If you're a novelist, you will know what these sights mean. They mean the endless amount of hard work, ruthless discipline, mind churning over the nuances, nerve cracking editing rounds, second and then third doubts, dark circles under puffy eyes, multiple attacks of anxiety and panic, list of suggestions, loss of hope and then picking up the pace...there go so many things behind creating a book. And seeing two books altogether in a bookstore like Jarir, that&#…

5 things you must do like today

i am saying today, and not right now because the things i am going to share here usually do not come easy to do in an instant. They take determination and constant attention to achieve. Therefore, twenty four hours are better to take action than an hour or so.

1. Trust yourself more than others
Okay, a no-brainer for you. Who is that one person you know the best of all? His/her virtues, drawbacks, achievements, failures, next move, previous moves, memories, plans, hobbies, likes and dislikes, favorites? It's neither your partner nor any of your family members and best friends. It's YOU.

When you know yourself the best, it makes sense to trust yourself the most. Agreed that human nature is unpredictable and works on impulse at times but still, you are best at knowing where to go and what to do next. So trust yourself more than anyone in this world. At the end, you can praise or blame yourself to the account of the actions taken. No complaints but pure honesty.

2. Look outside
Do …

21 Myths of Child Abuse #2: 10 Myths busted

In the second and final video of Myths about Child Abuse, I've busted 10 more myths (total of 21 myths by now. Refer to the Part 1 video shared at the end of this post): 12. Silence is the solution 13. Abuser is a bad person 14. Educated people cannot be the abuser 15. Abused will turn into an abuser 16. Child abuse happens only in poor families/rural areas 17. Abused was abused in his/her childhood 18. Children are safe at home 19. Disabled children are safer than normal ones 20. Child abusers do not discriminate 21. Child Abuse is a lie Let's bust all the myths and destroy the monster called child abuse. Together, we can.

Watch Child Abuse Myths Part 1

15 cool things you can do in flight

i am not assuming you to turn into a bird and then take a flight. Instead, i am talking about the time we while away in flights. Recently i was on India trip (my home country) and while returning, i got the idea for this post. Yeah! The idea for a blog post can strike anytime anywhere. So let's begin.
1. Read: 
On Abu Dhabi airport coming out of the Al Raem lounge, i had quickly grabbed the latest issue of Health magazine. The issue has a lot of interesting articles to offer including several ones related to in-flight skin care and travel ideas. 
You can also binge on in-flight magazine. It may sound boring because you may have read it before (and airlines do not change their magazines frequently). Yet, read it! Just like not two people read the same book, in the similar fashion, not every time you read the same book. Each time you pick the book, there will always be something you must have missed last time and you get to catch up on it. Also, you can download apps in advance that…

Still in vacation mode...

So i am back. If you've no idea from where, let me tell you that i was on India trip for almost a month. Two days have gone by and my mind is still reeling in vacation mode. i still feel sleepy the whole day only to wake up with an urge to get cooked food and ready tea. Only it isn't the case anymore. Puffed away are those times and i am in the pajamas of a housewife once again. 
Today is Rakshabandhan. In Kuwait, it's still 26th of August. i tied my Rakhi to my brother and bhabhi before leaving India. i got mine from my bhabhis (sisters-in-law). 

Two things about the picture: The two dangly thing in my right wrist is called Lumba. My sisters-in-law sent me.My OnePlus is broke. So trying to manage a good photo with an old phone. It doesn't have a front camera. Yeah i know. Who lives in such era?! Clearly, me.

Review for 'The Shadow of Darkness'

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Full review:

The title is interesting and the cover is so beautiful and impressive .
The cover shows up to think the story was really about love or failure . .
But the plot and story of the book is really interesting and different from other books . The book is really a good read . Had some unexpected twists and suspenses .
Which explains that how life changes with some incidents that happens in life . 
It also explains About important facts of love , life , friendship . .
The story is impressive , having some interesting facts to learn and it helps to change the life ( people too ) . 
The characters and the plot of characters having their own importance .

21 Myths of Child Abuse Part #1: 11 Myths busted

Child Abuse is a reality, boys are more prone to child abuse, emotional abuse is the most common abuse...these are the facts. Let us bust 11 myths in this video that give a wrong face to the issue called Child Abuse.

Adults outgrow the impactGirls are more proneChildren point the abuse immediatelyOnly men are culpritsSexual abuse is most commonChild is cooking up the storyChild is backing of so the abuse didn't happenChildren do not know the abuserChild is the culpritParent/caregiver hates the childIf not visible, not abuse
Let's talk about the issue that needs much attention.

Watch Child Abuse Part 2