Friday, 6 July 2018

You never know.

i am writing this blog post from my kitchen. Why? Pressure cooker is on the stove, eggs are being boiled in a different pan...can't afford to leave the space for longer. So why to waste time waiting for the whistle and getting eggs done?! Besides, working in a standing position gets you burn more calories. This time, weekend calories you can say.

i have been itching to write a blog post since this morning but when i woke up, for unknown reasons, the mood was sour. Slept alright, dreamed alright (or that's what i would like to believe) yet... 

i was actually lookin' forward for today's morning because kid was out for his sport academy and hubby was out meeting an acquaintance. i had the privilege of a perfect morning with a huge slot of free hours. Well, what do you know. Pickin' up a quote from my book - It's Never Too Late - plans can backfired. Or, something similar to that.

The blogger portal was open and my head was on the wall resting and thinking the turn of events. Eventually i ended up updating my blog with the latest guitar cover i made a few days ago. If you're the first time visitor to my blog, let me inform you that i am doing an Atif Aslam Special series on my FB Musician page (Like!!) and YouTube (Subscribe!!). The cover i posted this morning was the song #8 - Pehli Dafa. 

Anyway, sat down and since i am no fan of idling time away, i practiced for the next cover. Let me tell you a secret that the immediate next cover is ready to be uploaded. Made the same evening of Pehli Dafa but let a few days pass and it'll be there to watch. Yeah i know! i work hard on my guitar.

The song i am working on will be the 10th in the series. i am also working on 11th. So, two songs at once. Will make the video of both songs with as usual, tutorials in tow at once and upload. Making two covers+tutorials at once will save me a lot of hard work and hence, headache. 10th one is tricky. 11th one is easier in comparison. In short, i truly hope you'll enjoy both.

This evening was unexpectedly free. Hubby and kid were out to park. This time, i bowed my mood  to get straight, hammered the blues away, and practiced the 10th and 11th songs along with two cups of tea. Yes. Two. When i am stressed, i crave strongly for more of my handmade masala tea. i use pretty much less sugar so sugar department is fairly covered.

While talking about my practice, i truly wish i could post a glimpse of it. The strumming for the 10th is freshly created and for the 11th one, well, it's a no-brainer. Listen to the song and you can easily come up with one, however, i am goin' for a different pattern than what people usually go for. What fun is there if you go with what the crowd is going for? 

Create your own magic, be original, be Guitar Gorgeous, we believe in it

But i can't post the update on my current projects. Let the time come and you shall have it. i am not braggin' and i sincerely hope when i finally sit down to make the covers, it turns out nice and super pleasant. With my tea, guitar, songs and Atif Aslam outstanding songs, the evening turned out nice, mood got a bit of chiseling means shaped into an aura of calmness. 

So get involved into things when you feel down. You never know what possibly can perk you up!

But before you leave, have a b'ful quote i posted this morning on my pages:

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