Tuesday, 3 July 2018

We all can do with an EXIT or ESCAPE button.

Before i was a writer and guitarist, i loved to spend my leisure slot either in star gazing or reading books. i still love doing both but now that i am handling two jobs at once, unplanned free time comes as a lovely surprise to me. If you can roam around me as a ghost in such situation, you'd definitely find me lunging for my guitar or writing something, a blog post or my stories, an out-of-the-blue poem or anything that puts me to write... But i truly hope you don't come as a ghost.

Hubby and kid are out for a birthday party. i stayed back largely b'coz i am not well acquainted with the host. i had a tickle somewhere back in my head that i might feel out of space, out of line. And anyway, i have stopped enjoying parties unless it belongs to someone close to me. i just somehow now prefer to stay at home, working or watching TV. Mingling with the crowd is growing a bit difficult for me. But my blessings are with the b'day boy. And i hope that matters the most.

So i utilized the time making two covers on my guitar. Yes! T.W.O. Two. If you have been following my recent blog posts, you'd know that i usually work on more than one song on my guitar. i have made the covers. Still need to see how they have turned out. EDITING is the biggest headache. It consumes my time like a pig its food. If the second one has turned out nice, i wouldn't have to do the set up, sit again and play. If its otherwise, i'll do it again. That's my job, that's my fun. Nothing is too much when it comes to writing and music. Is it?

It's actually nice, working on something that makes me happy, smile mostly. Just this evening hubby said that i need to smile; that i don't do it much. i said grunting (again) that i am now an old grumpy woman. Can't smile much!

Lookin' right at the happiness
The click has been taken this evening, right after i finished making covers.

But it's a wonder how the writing and my guitar instantly make me happy. i don't have to think about it. i strum and the sound leaps forward a smile on my face. i write a word here and there and a feeling of content wraps me with comfort. i feel lucky to have them both. Apart from my family, these two keep me together. And it's nice to have this feeling when you know where EXIT is or where is the button for ESCAPE. In this big world where even sunny days might overwhelm you with frequent dust storms and nothing much can be done, you know what to do, which thing to look for, where to tread... 

Isn't this a perfect B plan? When you are alone or sad or even happy, you can always express in writing, through music. What's your B plan? If given a free time all of a sudden, what would you like to do? 

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