Monday, 23 July 2018

Thought of the evening

i was taking a break from work this evening. Thought to check how do i look to my camera. Seemed okay to go ahead and above is the result. 

i posted it on my social media pages with caption: Life is always going to be tough, challenging. The big Q. is, how much you're willing to keep up.

That's true, don't you think? No matter where we go, how much of hard work we put, stay awake at nights, have a fitful nap in the will always be the Hulk, strongest of us all. 

But let's trudge along, slowly, one step at a time. It's the only choice. Going slow is alright but not standing still and if this rings a bell of a famous saying, you got the idea. Don't be afraid of going slow. Be afraid of standing still.

But since we are not the ice sculpture ordered at Phoebe's wedding, let's get real and keep up with the pace. It will be all worth it eventually.

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