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Treadmill and i: The on and off relationship

Do you know as you proceed towards the end of weekdays, your mind subconsciously signals to rest more than usual? It happens because weekend is around and weekends do mean vacations. The mind interprets vacations as The Rest Phase and often signals you to skip the hard work i.e. work outs, job routine... After all, Fridays  (in case of Middle East countries, Thursdays) are not called The Least Productive days for nothing. :)

This morning i too was in dilemma with my work out. Eventually i did. In fact, i did 15 mins more than other days.

i grew up into an environment where work outs were always considered a must in thoughts. In thoughts. It was never reciprocated in actions. My childhood years were spent with everything normal sans a fixed work out regime.

Now when you are on the pebble grounds of  growing years, your mind skips constantly to get in a shape. It adopts everything quickly, mostly the routine. It gets designed according to the type of routine you follow for each thing. For example, i still like my morning and evening teas with biscuit. For me, tea and biscuits are soul mates. i can't have one without the other unless, of course, i am somewhere outside where controlling choices is out of option. 

In the same fashion, when i grew up to be an adult, my mind for fitness was already molded: Not a regular thing. It's in the last 6-7 years that i've been training myself to get into a fixed routine for fitness.

It's challenging, you know. Re-shaping old habits, the routine, the ambiance inside your head about it, to focus more on Yes than become something you were naturally nurtured to be not!

i go through these tiny battles often. That is why my relationship with work outs has been on and off. There are days when i am determined like anything to go about it and then there are days when each nerve of my body feels the pressure of gravity more than usual days. i snooze.

While in a few relationships, you can't decide whether to focus on patch ups or break ups, in the case of my fitness routine i do know where to incline my focus exactly: patch ups. On those days when i am silently cursing myself for letting mornings slip away without work outs, i still know that we will come around. Once again. Later if not sooner. After a month if not tomorrow. But we will come around for sure.

As i am growing older and the number of grey hair filling my head like shooting stars in abundance, i feel a new awakening for my fitness routine. i now feel deeply that it's a responsibility, and not an option; that whatever happens, work outs shouldn't be missed! Like everything, it should get done too. There are chances that all these years of training might be juicing out in positive result. And who's the best buddy to help me with this?

My treadmill. i have one at home.

Like guitar and writing, i have no idea how much i adore treadmill. Almost 4.5 years back when doctors in Bangalore restricted me to not to jog on cemented pavement any further, i was suddenly deprived of my favorite work out. That's when i inclined to the treadmill of our society gym and since then, the love for this tool is just growing day by day. 

Jogging is a freeing experience. It instills such strength (mental as well as physical) and positive vibes that's hard to miss. i love that!

When i started my treadmill session this morning, it felt so nice after sometime, the usual energy and determination slowly coming back to me and before i could know it, i ended up doing extra 15 mins today. i always pair my treadmill session with several Yoga poses afterwards. i just can't withstand any other machine. i lose out on patience with them surprisingly quickly.

Let's Start, and not skip

So today counted more than the previous days of this week. Because i stepped up to the challenge, listened to Yes, won the battle, hammered away the process of molding a bit harder...whatever happens, i know an important aspect of my life is insanely incomplete without my treadmill.

It holds so true. Days when you feel like doing work outs and then you do matter but not as much as the ones when you feel the opposite and still you do.


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