Saturday, 14 July 2018

Listening to a song is an art.

Music and writing are a lot alike. If you can have both of them, you'll discover they seek for balance. Handling both is tricky. Challenging. But if you can do it, you'll know they resemble.

The whole day was invested into writing and relevant stuff. It's weekend so the rush at home is more than usual yet i managed it all. In the evening, we went out to see my books in another branch of Jarir bookstore here. The one in the Boulevard. It was once again a pleasure to see my books in the bookstore here. Will share the pictures later.

Then we had dinner and then came back home. Truly speaking i am dead tired yet writing a blog post and after i finish this, i'll settle to listen the song that's going to be my next cover in the Atif Aslam Special series. 

As i said, music is a lot like writing. It counts even when you are not penning down your thoughts on paper or in MS Doc. In the same fashion, it counts when you're listening the song. It equals to practice on your instrument. 

Thinking is strategising.

As an author, i cannot write all the time. i have to pre-plan the progress of my story. Plots, characters, different shades of human nature, a pet if it's the part of story, traveling destination, facial contours, scarf color, twists and turns...there are many things that must be thought before you can actually write.

Similarly, when it comes to playing a song on guitar, you have to pay attention to the song you're thinking to cover. You actually have to listen. It's an art! Listening. One of those that not many can master.

Not only the lyrics but also the tunes, beats, rhythm, the flow, the pause, shift in the singer's pitch, desire to emulate drums or tabla or other percussion on guitar...these all and many more start writing their own story in your head. You start to come up with your own style, different style. A beat can be added here, a tap can be added there, thump would sound nice or may be the constant chuck...the nuances of the song consume you. 

i seriously think i should sleep now. i'll sleep while listening the song for my next cover. Just for once. Then i'd feel my day had been complete.

Listening is planning

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