Monday, 9 July 2018

It's Never Too Late' and 'The Shadow of Darkness' now in Kuwait.

Finally! After months of waiting, my books are here.

The happiness of seeing my books moving countries with me is matchless. You can find them in any Jarir since Jarir is the only bookstore here with 4 chains across the city. It's also HUGE!

These pictures are taken just last Saturday. In the same weekday, my books had already donned the shelves but since i wanted to share the news with me in it, i had to wait. My family and friends congratulated for such achievement. They are delighted to finally see my books here.

When my sister called me to wish me the best, she said something that paused me to think.

"When he (her husband) told me that your books are now in Kuwait, i said that she (me) finally got it done. Other people might have left thinking i have shifted outside India and nothing can be done now but she did not stop herself. She finally got her books in Kuwait."

People are like mirrors. What you fail to see in yourself, they reflect it on you. Up until that moment, i had not realized my efforts were so noticeable. Her observation was the kind that lets you feel the power of determination and hope you carry with yourself. My sister reflected something that probably wouldn't come to my notice otherwise. A sense of contentment touched me all over again.

When The Shadow of Darkness was published and out last year December (2017), i was clicked with both of my books. With that, i had written a caption - 

You can't buy happiness but you can write it.

Today, i say -

Faith can move mountains. So can Hope.

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