Thursday, 12 July 2018

Happy birthday, Dad!

It's the most-handsome-man-in-the-world's birthday today and for a girl, who could it be but her own father! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Just last evening, i made two guitar covers+tutorials. Yes! Two. Again. Last time i had done the same with Pehli Dafa and Yakeen but had uploaded them separately. This time, i have done differently. This time, i have uploaded 'Jab Koi Baat' and 'Hona The Pyaar' together. So the video naturally has stretched long. 

Or, watch directly here:

This is my gift to him. He always keeps asking about my writing progress and guitar practices and that makes me so proud and content. His interest keeps me on toes.  i do my best to make sure i keep working, keep evolving into a better writer and a musician. Dads are such cool people, no? Even though they are damn busy with their schedule, they keep thinking about their children. It's so encouraging!

My Dad (i call him Pitaji: Pita as in Father, Ji as in to add respect) is no different. He too keeps questioning me gently on both of my fields. He loves writing and reading too but couldn't afford to write because of the early dawn of responsibilities on shoulders but he makes sure to find time to read. These days, i admit, that he is a lot busy in playing mobile games but the kind of knowledge he has gathered for himself, that's stupendous and highly impressive! 

He has worked hard through out his life and yet continuing to do the same. Some times, his health gets affected but he hardly ever talks about it. He is one of those who prefer to keep up with a brave face though it'd be nice to see him melt and doing some heart talk too. i get worried for him on a lot of occasions. Life is full of ups and downs lately. i worry about his health. He must share. Some times, if not always. 

i called him this morning and wished him. Also said that i am going to upload my covers today as your birthday special. He said to share with him. So i did! Hope he loves them.

At the end, i wish him to be Happy on his Birthday today and ever after.

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