Sunday, 1 July 2018

Do our children not deserve a chance to question God's existence?

As a normal parent, you must have given your kid a chance to have a say in almost everything. Like which flavor ice-cream do you want? Or, where do you wish to go for summer trip - Disney land or the near by zoo? Which color - blue or green? Jurassic world or Incredibles 2? Barbie or Dora? Hair clip or beads? Skirt or boots?

But have you ever given a choice to him (let's pick a gender for the sake of ease) when it came down to god/s? Or, you have instilled your belief in him already? 

This morning when i was busy making breakfast, my husband and i got down to discuss myriad of things and somewhere down the aisle of beliefs, i walked him into a question that why does he tell our kid to be positive about God's existence when it might not be true? Why our son, unlike other times when he gets to choose, does not get an option of not believing in God? 

Needless to say, that gave birth to a good debate. He debated saying he does not do it while facts says otherwise. i have seen him telling mythological or God-related stories to our son that only leads to one thing - God exists! But i also agree that his actions are innocent, borne by default. Like parents do generations by generations. Tell there is god and forget the rest. Who has the time and energy to understand the nuances and finding out logic? It's way easier to not question than to juggle with many at once, isn't it?

While i am not against of what my son believes in, i surely am watchful of his choices. i am an atheist but that does not prompt me to sit and instill my beliefs in him. Just like other times, our son must get a chance to understand what God is and whether does he exist. But before he gets to that, who are we to lead him into believe in His existence or non-existence?

Before your eyes go round and round and jaws drop to the ground, let me debunk the myth once again. Being an atheist does not make me a non-believer. It makes me a different kind of believer. i believe in nature, humans, relationships, karma...i believe in myself. i do not need any debatable characters (no offense) to draw strength from. i see a seed and i believe in life. i see myself grow and i get stronger. i have good people around and that's more than enough. i see kindness and i believe in humanity. i see evil and i believe in goodness. i bear consequences and i get careful of karma. i fall weak and relationships hold me. i see calamities and i believe in peace.

The focus of yours and my faith may be poles apart but we both fulfill the same purpose from our respective gods - draw strength for the daily struggles and feel grateful for what we have.

Now tell me if i am wrong here. 

All i wish to say is, that like other times, we must not allow our children to put belief in something they hardly understand. Let them have a chance. Grow them into a personality that has the ability to rationalize things, and does not just follow others blindly. Logic must supersede before they plunge into the puddle of an elusive existence. 

It's in human's nature to do a few things by default but we should be careful, should we not? i was not born atheist. i chose to be one when i questioned and found that these centuries old gods were only valid into their times. They do not come down to earth and save it and us from today's problems such as pollution, population, corruption, crimes, natural disasters... They must have been solid and almighty in their times but that is it! They are gone, that time phase has gone and so have those four-headed and ten legged demons. Today's demons are different. More heinous, trickier, chameleons like. Possibly that's why none of those gods come down anymore to shoot a Brahmhastra or sprinkle some spell-laced water. They too know that games have changed. Their armory is not valid anymore.

When my husband asked - Then what religion should he believe in? i said - Humanity. Kindness. Isn't that enough? And if someone tries to mislead him, tell him he is Hindu by default. But please give him a  chance to question god's existence. He deserves it.

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