Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Atif Aslam Special Vid #7: The Roller-coaster

The best way to enjoy your fav singer is to make the cocktail of a few of his/her songs and come up with a melodious shake. In my case, it turned out as The Roller-coaster!

Have included 41/2 songs: Jeena jeena, Tu jaane na, Pehli nazar mein and Bakhuda. the half song is O sathi from Baaghi 2. Only 4 lines from this borrowed because i have already made this song's cover previously in the series. Watch O Sathi Baaghi 2.

The whole performance took me quite sometime to figure out all the details and once i did, it was like sun rising for me. No more dark grumpy clouds, zombies screeching around, mysterious short, i overcame the horrible experience until i finalized it. Hope it has turned out nice.

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