Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A year ago...

Before i proceed, have you checked my last post? My books are now in Kuwait. You can check here.

Day: Sunday. Actual time for this write up:  Sunday night

While searching for some inspirational book quotes this evening, i stumbled upon one which took me to the journey of an entire year, from July 2017 to July 2018 almost instantly. It happened like a flash. Click and the whole year was presented to me. The quote started with: A year ago...

A year ago, i recalled vividly, i was struggling to get The Shadow of Darkness published. There were just so many small things about it that were proving to be mountains on the way of my dream. i was deeply stressed. Had lost hope many times. i remember that when i was filing for ISBN at Raja Rammohun Roy's (Indian ISBN agency) website, despite of every single thing filled rightly and up to the mark. it was not accepting. i was highly flummoxed! i was also in talk with an author who told me that he was able to submit the form immediately. Not only did he help me with the process but he also navigated me how to obtain ISBN. The whole thing was turning out to be quite frustrating. He was troubled too. i tried so many times but at the end, no result. i had lost hope completely because i didn't want my book to be out without an ISBN. ISBN is like a face to a book. It gives the book an identity. Anyway, i lost hope and then we moved to Kuwait.

i was also doing my guitar practices though making a full cover of a song was unthinkable back then. A few short videos from my guitar class were uploaded on my YouTube but doing the proper set up and creating a full song cover...it was impossible for me. i just did not have that kind of confidence! My vision was pretty much limited. i could play many chords. In fact, i was quite efficient at open chords but struggled deeply with barre ones such as F, G etc. No matter how much i tried, barre chords made sure to give me a tease with their formation on the fret board. Back then, i was simply content with holding guitar, being able to play a few songs in portions on it and probably giving out a couple of stage performances in my society on the eve of new year. That'd be all. 

A year later...
My book is not only published and out but it also has reached Kuwait. My books have turned international and that's such a big boost. The Shadow of Darkness has also caught readers' attention and got reviewed by leading magazines such as Woman's Era on a positive note. i also came up with the video series based on the major theme of the book - Childhood trauma. Although the series is not created for promotional purposes yet it is relevant to the book. And ISBN issue? Let's call it The ISBN issue 'cause it had given me nightmares. 

It was solved in an instant. i did exactly the same as i was doing in India but here, i am still clueless over Why, the form got submitted immediately, in the first attempt. i still feel the goosebumps of the moment, seeing the message of acceptance of my form on the website. Fast forward two days and i was looking at my ISBN. My very own ISBN. Happiness comes in numbers too, i felt like that.

As for my guitar practices, i have not only started off a Facebook Musician page by the name of Guitar Gorgeous but i am also doing a series based on the songs of the singer whose talent is as magnificent and difficult to catch as getting a hold on a firefly at any dark night -  Atif Aslam. i am doing this series since quite sometime and have uploaded 8 songs so far. 9th i'll upload tomorrow (Monday). 10th and 11th are almost ready which will slowly tread to the ending of the series.

Singing and performing Atif's songs at the same time is a big challenge! His voice is soulful and magical. i can't emulate him altogether. A tone here and there i miss but largely, i feel i am going great. i have got a new kind of vision now. i create new strumming for every song. i like to be original. i add twist to my performances. i add little treats. i feel as of i have turned into a young adult from a shy messy toddler.

It's inherent. i am a person who loves detailing, catching minor details, preferring to take on the challenge than just writing simple stories or strumming the guitar plainly. i like to bring something unique, creative, magical to what i do. Not only simplicity but creativity too has beauty in it. 

Long way i have come, isn't it? i am certainly not what i was a year ago. i have grown. i am no more a debut author. No more naive at guitar. i now have a bit of experience in both the areas. A bit because i know, the journey is still remained, bigger mile stones are untouched to cover, the desired destination is yet to arrive...

Wo kehte hain na...picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost! (It goes as they say, life is still to catch, my friend!)

For the first time, i am not sad about leaving India. This time, may be this time, the change is good and i honestly have no complaints.

But before you leave, let's have a look at the quote that triggered the perfect title to the journey i wished to share here:

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