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Yaari teri yaari (Movie: wazir) Guitar cover+tutorial

i'm recently done with the Atif Aslam Special series. And the song i've posted now belongs to the movie Wazir (Click to know more).
i remember  had gone to watch this movie in theater with my family. Starring Amitabh bachchan, Farhan Akhtar and Aditi Rao Hyadri, this movie had left an impact. The way the friendship between Amitabh and Farhan blooms over chess, it's worth a watch.
It's a privilege to see the legendary Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachchan, to mold himself into so many different roles. It's not at all an easy job yet he makes it look like the opposite. That's, i believe, the biggest virtue of any artist - to make challenges a cake walk. i was, once again, in awe of his performance.
Aditi Rao Hyadri is stunning! Be it her looks, sartorial choices or her eyes, she seems to convey her character well. Her eyes and elegant smile had made me jealous. She looks so beautiful.
Farhan Akhtar, as usual, has delivered a sensitive performance as the role demande…

Conversation with the universe.

Do you believe in individual universes (IUs)? Do you talk to your universe?
Because i do. i believe that each one of us has our own universe which works only then when we work for ourselves. It's a selfish world. You have to work even when it's something of your own.
Just yesterday in the afternoon, i was deluged by several thoughts. They kept coming from random directions and i blinked at each of them, took them in and pondered for what it was worth. When i am deep in thinking, thoughts come to me in English as well as in Hindi. In fact, 60-70% thoughts are spoken into my head in English. Simply say, i think in English. It has come to a natural habit.
As i kept on taking in the flood of thoughts and concerns, i maintained the conversation with my universe. There are a few questions which can be answered by your universe only. Those questions are far and big enough for any human reach. So i kept talking asking this, pointing that, nodding here, grunting there...the process la…

Thought of the evening

i was taking a break from work this evening. Thought to check how do i look to my camera. Seemed okay to go ahead and above is the result. 
i posted it on my social media pages with caption: Life is always going to be tough, challenging. The big Q. is, how much you're willing to keep up.
That's true, don't you think? No matter where we go, how much of hard work we put, stay awake at nights, have a fitful nap in the will always be the Hulk, strongest of us all. 
But let's trudge along, slowly, one step at a time. It's the only choice. Going slow is alright but not standing still and if this rings a bell of a famous saying, you got the idea. Don't be afraid of going slow. Be afraid of standing still.
But since we are not the ice sculpture ordered at Phoebe's wedding, let's get real and keep up with the pace. It will be all worth it eventually.

Atif Aslam Special Vid #12: Paniyon Sa Guitar Cover+Tutorial

Enjoy the full cover from the movie Satyamev Jayate in the series. This song is one of the most watched videos in last two weeks. Unfortunately, this is the end cover of Atif Aslam Special series. One more video i'll post in which i'll talk about the little big perks of the journey and then the series will officially come to an end. Finally, i did something big and cool. It's an achievement you know. And i am glad i did it. 
On a personal note, this song wasn't supposed to be the final cover though. I had selected something different, toughest of my life so far, but I am suddenly mauled with my writing deadlines and couldn't afford much time, so chose to shift to this number a week back, latest and popular and a hell lot of fun to play.
But i am determined to cover that song i had to post pone. i hated myself for doing this but juggling three jobs (writing, housewife and a guitarist) doesn't come easy some times. But hey! You're not going to master the rest o…

'It's Never Too Late' and 'The Shadow of Darkness' in Jarir, Boulevard (Kuwait)

Yesterday we visited another Jarir branch. It's the one in the Boulevard. It was once again a good boost to see my books here.

i hope the books do well here too.

When they arrived here: My books in Kuwait

The journey of a year: A year ago...

Listening to a song is an art.

Music and writing are a lot alike. If you can have both of them, you'll discover they seek for balance. Handling both is tricky. Challenging. But if you can do it, you'll know they resemble.
The whole day was invested into writing and relevant stuff. It's weekend so the rush at home is more than usual yet i managed it all. In the evening, we went out to see my books in another branch of Jarir bookstore here. The one in the Boulevard. It was once again a pleasure to see my books in the bookstore here. Will share the pictures later.
Then we had dinner and then came back home. Truly speaking i am dead tired yet writing a blog post and after i finish this, i'll settle to listen the song that's going to be my next cover in the Atif Aslam Special series. 

As i said, music is a lot like writing. It counts even when you are not penning down your thoughts on paper or in MS Doc. In the same fashion, it counts when you're listening the song. It equals to practice on your i…

Happy birthday, Dad!

It's the most-handsome-man-in-the-world's birthday today and for a girl, who could it be but her own father! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Just last evening, i made two guitar covers+tutorials. Yes! Two. Again. Last time i had done the same with Pehli Dafa and Yakeen but had uploaded them separately. This time, i have done differently. This time, i have uploaded 'Jab Koi Baat' and 'Hona The Pyaar' together. So the video naturally has stretched long. 
You can watch: Dad'd birthday special: Atif Aslam Special Vids #10 and #11

On my FB Musician Page: Guitar Gorgeous
Or, watch directly here:

Such love!

A year ago...

Before i proceed, have you checked my last post? My books are now in Kuwait. You can check here.

Day: Sunday. Actual time for this write up:  Sunday night

While searching for some inspirational book quotes this evening, i stumbled upon one which took me to the journey of an entire year, from July 2017 to July 2018 almost instantly. It happened like a flash. Click and the whole year was presented to me. The quote started with: A year ago...
A year ago, i recalled vividly, i was struggling to get The Shadow of Darkness published. There were just so many small things about it that were proving to be mountains on the way of my dream. i was deeply stressed. Had lost hope many times. i remember that when i was filing for ISBN at Raja Rammohun Roy's (Indian ISBN agency) website, despite of every single thing filled rightly and up to the mark. it was not accepting. i was highly flummoxed! i was also in talk with an author who told me that he was able to submit the form immediately. Not o…

It's Never Too Late' and 'The Shadow of Darkness' now in Kuwait.

Finally! After months of waiting, my books are here.

The happiness of seeing my books moving countries with me is matchless. You can find them in any Jarir since Jarir is the only bookstore here with 4 chains across the city. It's also HUGE!
These pictures are taken just last Saturday. In the same weekday, my books had already donned the shelves but since i wanted to share the news with me in it, i had to wait. My family and friends congratulated for such achievement. They are delighted to finally see my books here.

You never know.

i am writing this blog post from my kitchen. Why? Pressure cooker is on the stove, eggs are being boiled in a different pan...can't afford to leave the space for longer. So why to waste time waiting for the whistle and getting eggs done?! Besides, working in a standing position gets you burn more calories. This time, weekend calories you can say.
i have been itching to write a blog post since this morning but when i woke up, for unknown reasons, the mood was sour. Slept alright, dreamed alright (or that's what i would like to believe) yet... 
i was actually lookin' forward for today's morning because kid was out for his sport academy and hubby was out meeting an acquaintance. i had the privilege of a perfect morning with a huge slot of free hours. Well, what do you know. Pickin' up a quote from my book - It's Never Too Late - plans can backfired. Or, something similar to that.
The blogger portal was open and my head was on the wall resting and thinking the tur…

Atif Aslam Special Vid #8: Pehli Dafa

The song starring Ileana D'cruz and Atif himself. It's quite a melodious song. The most fascinating part about this song is, the beat pattern that appears in each sentence. i've tried to cover that and so far, it has turned out to be one of my favorites.

Listen. The song is as much of a pleasure to listen as it is to strum on a guitar.

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Treadmill and i: The on and off relationship

Do you know as you proceed towards the end of weekdays, your mind subconsciously signals to rest more than usual? It happens because weekend is around and weekends do mean vacations. The mind interprets vacations as The Rest Phase and often signals you to skip the hard work i.e. work outs, job routine... After all, Fridays  (in case of Middle East countries, Thursdays) are not called The Least Productive days for nothing. :)
This morning i too was in dilemma with my work out. Eventually i did. In fact, i did 15 mins more than other days.
i grew up into an environment where work outs were always considered a must in thoughts. In thoughts. It was never reciprocated in actions. My childhood years were spent with everything normal sans a fixed work out regime.
Now when you are on the pebble grounds of  growing years, your mind skips constantly to get in a shape. It adopts everything quickly, mostly the routine. It gets designed according to the type of routine you follow for each thing…

Atif Aslam Special Vid #7: The Roller-coaster

The best way to enjoy your fav singer is to make the cocktail of a few of his/her songs and come up with a melodious shake. In my case, it turned out as The Roller-coaster!
Have included 41/2 songs: Jeena jeena, Tu jaane na, Pehli nazar mein and Bakhuda. the half song is O sathi from Baaghi 2. Only 4 lines from this borrowed because i have already made this song's cover previously in the series. Watch O Sathi Baaghi 2.
The whole performance took me quite sometime to figure out all the details and once i did, it was like sun rising for me. No more dark grumpy clouds, zombies screeching around, mysterious short, i overcame the horrible experience until i finalized it. Hope it has turned out nice.
Next will be up soon. Subscribe to my YouTube and my FB Musician Page. If you do, you will feel the instant burst of gratitude somewhere in this world.

We all can do with an EXIT or ESCAPE button.

Before i was a writer and guitarist, i loved to spend my leisure slot either in star gazing or reading books. i still love doing both but now that i am handling two jobs at once, unplanned free time comes as a lovely surprise to me. If you can roam around me as a ghost in such situation, you'd definitely find me lunging for my guitar or writing something, a blog post or my stories, an out-of-the-blue poem or anything that puts me to write... But i truly hope you don't come as a ghost.
Hubby and kid are out for a birthday party. i stayed back largely b'coz i am not well acquainted with the host. i had a tickle somewhere back in my head that i might feel out of space, out of line. And anyway, i have stopped enjoying parties unless it belongs to someone close to me. i just somehow now prefer to stay at home, working or watching TV. Mingling with the crowd is growing a bit difficult for me. But my blessings are with the b'day boy. And i hope that matters the most.
So i ut…

Do our children not deserve a chance to question God's existence?

As a normal parent, you must have given your kid a chance to have a say in almost everything. Like which flavor ice-cream do you want? Or, where do you wish to go for summer trip - Disney land or the near by zoo? Which color - blue or green? Jurassic world or Incredibles 2? Barbie or Dora? Hair clip or beads? Skirt or boots?
But have you ever given a choice to him (let's pick a gender for the sake of ease) when it came down to god/s? Or, you have instilled your belief in him already? 
This morning when i was busy making breakfast, my husband and i got down to discuss myriad of things and somewhere down the aisle of beliefs, i walked him into a question that why does he tell our kid to be positive about God's existence when it might not be true? Why our son, unlike other times when he gets to choose, does not get an option of not believing in God? 
Needless to say, that gave birth to a good debate. He debated saying he does not do it while facts says otherwise. i have seen him…