Sunday, 3 June 2018

'The Shadow of Darkness' on 20% discount!

Yes! You have heard it right. My latest book is now available on 20% amazing discount. For this week only. So get your copy today. Or, gift someone a good read this month to make them owe you one.

Buy on Amazon: The Shadow of Darkness

Buy on Flipkart: The Shadow of Darkness

The book is about Sejal and her extra-ordinary journey of dealing with the monsters of past and demons of the present. Don't worry! The story also has joyous aspects to look for - loving supportive family, resilient friendship, love etc.

The genre for my book is Fiction/Thriller. Thrillers are good to write. It pushes you to think further than what goes on surface. i have received many good positive reviews on Amazon for it. If you happen to buy it and read it, please do submit your review there. i'd love to read and respond. Yes! i do respond to the reviews posted. i appreciate every review and good positive reviews motivate me to work harder and do better.

Have a good day.

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