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Music is a lot like writing.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you'd have received the latest update on my guitar. Descriptions are short there but i guess i can do away with a bit more here on my blog. i played a slice of two beautiful songs this eve while having my tea and they turned out pleasant so the eve is now wrapped in a short video:

You can watch the above and guess the movies. Anyway!

i am grateful that i can afford a considerable length of break from my stories and can focus completely to the Atif Aslam Special series that i have been doing on my Facebook Musician Page

You'd think that playing an instrument as musical as guitar is wonderful. Yes it is but sometimes, it becomes a pain. Doing a series is a big responsibility, especially when you do it for the first time. Picking up the song for the week, learning its chords, inventing strumming patterns not to mention attaching the whole performance with little tricks and treats...being creative is too exhausting! Just last night i made a fresh cover in the series . i am also almost ready with the next one. A little practice on picking pattern and then i am all set. So you can totally see i work on more than one song at a time. It's a stress-buster as well as stress-driller. Many-a-times i can't sleep and stay up almost the whole night trying to sabotage the strumming pattern that's too stubborn to fade away. i also have to get up at 5 so you can guess mornings are certainly not the best time to greet me. i feel and walk more like a grumpy old woman who can just burn down anyone by a simple glance. 

The cover that i made last night will be up possibly by this weekend. It's a different kind of attempt that i have tried and that was why it was quite tiring. Have worked on this one more than any other cover in the series. i finished the cover and did not pick up my guitar the whole day today. i was so much drained of energy and efforts.

But this evening after playing cricket with my kid for almost an hour, i sat down to play some different songs. Searched for the chords (that's the direction my eyes are fixed to in the video above) and decided to wrap the evening into short videos. They turned out nice so i made a movie and uploaded on my YouTube

Don't put the gun on my head. i'll tell you anyway how did it feel to play these two songs. It felt freeing, relaxing, felt resurrecting. i was quite happy to play and while my family watched The Amazing Spiderman on TV, i was content that i have something to stay crazily busy with. They watched movie and i played my songs, practiced a bit for the plucking pattern i just mentioned above.

You know music is a lot like writing. You do them even when you are too exhausted, too crashed to continue. They are pain and they are the relief. They kill you and then they resurrect you. No boasting but i kinda feel lucky to be able to find a way around life by living two of my dreams. While other dreams and desires may not/never come true, i can always revive through my music and writing. 

P.S. Writing a post here after so long is exhilarating too. Just as i stated!


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