Friday, 29 June 2018

I Heard It Too! - A short movie

i have known this guy since a few years. He is quite younger to me, charming, energetic and enviously passionate about his dreams. We got in touch because we share a passion for guitar. He also loves my books. In fact, very recently he filled my name in the section Who's your favorite author while filling out a form. That's how confident he is! Little secret? i was flattered.

This guy is none other than my handsome nephew Rashi whom we fondly call RB. He carries his dream of becoming an actor like we carry our mobiles. Wherever he goes or whatever he does, his dream of acting is always with him, coaxing him to do better, pushing him everyday an inch further to create better. In his endeavors, i am quite proud to say, he has got successful. His first EVER (short) movie has come out - I Heard It Too! It's a trailer but the whole movie will be releasing soon, he has promised. 

Watch. It's horror. Don't scream in advance. If i can watch without one, you can too.

Watch on YouTube: I Heard It Too!

That's my nephew on the cover. Isn't that exciting? 

It's so inspiring to see him working on his dreams from such tender age. The line he has chosen to continue for the rest of his life, it's one of the most difficult ones i know but does that stop him from going any further? No. i just talked to him yesterday and with the way i found him entangled completely into his dreams and passion, i can say he has found his prince...or princess. A metaphor, of course.

My best wishes and blessings are with him, the director Ashutosh Mishra and the entire crew. Also with the girl who is screaming so diligently. It's spine-chilling!

Now i gently request you to watch, like, share, subscribe, anything to provide a moral boost to RB and his entire team. All they want now is some motivation, however little that might be, from me, from you, from us...

Before you turn your face away without doing any of the above i just asked, just remember your dreams that you've fulfilled and those too that didn't get to see the day light. Attempting to create a little niche around the massive shelf of this world's studio is huge and commendable. Remember your dreams and by supporting this movie, you might very well be supporting yours too. 

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