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You set your own limitations.

Found this image this morning, thought it to be perfect for sharing across my pages. 
When you decide to share a quote, it's largely because somewhere, you are able to relate with it; somewhere you nod a little inside your head and that's what prompts you to go head and express that sliver of agreement with others. You also wish for others to be able to if not relate then understand at least.
When i read this quote, there was not a little nod but a big one. YES! i can relate with this. i could relate because, somewhere i found my childhood years slipping into the curves and between the spaces of these words. This quote reminded me what my childhood was like. i too was told that i could never do anything right. Worse? i could never do anything at all!
When i was doing my own share of expansive research on Childhood Trauma for my latest book The Shadow of Darkness, i stumbled upon Child Abuse. CA is of 5 types: Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Child neglect, and Exploitation. i cov…

I Heard It Too! - A short movie

i have known this guy since a few years. He is quite younger to me, charming, energetic and enviously passionate about his dreams. We got in touch because we share a passion for guitar. He also loves my books. In fact, very recently he filled my name in the section Who's your favorite author while filling out a form. That's how confident he is! Little secret? i was flattered.
This guy is none other than my handsome nephew Rashi whom we fondly call RB. He carries his dream of becoming an actor like we carry our mobiles. Wherever he goes or whatever he does, his dream of acting is always with him, coaxing him to do better, pushing him everyday an inch further to create better. In his endeavors, i am quite proud to say, he has got successful. His first EVER (short) movie has come out - I Heard It Too! It's a trailer but the whole movie will be releasing soon, he has promised. 
Watch. It's horror. Don't scream in advance. If i can watch without one, you can too.


Music is a lot like writing.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you'd have received the latest update on my guitar. Descriptions are short there but i guess i can do away with a bit more here on my blog. i played a slice of two beautiful songs this eve while having my tea and they turned out pleasant so the eve is now wrapped in a short video:

You can watch the above and guess the movies. Anyway!
i am grateful that i can afford a considerable length of break from my stories and can focus completely to the Atif Aslam Special series that i have been doing on my Facebook Musician Page
You'd think that playing an instrument as musical as guitar is wonderful. Yes it is but sometimes, it becomes a pain. Doing a series is a big responsibility, especially when you do it for the first time. Picking up the song for the week, learning its chords, inventing strumming patterns not to mention attaching the whole performance with little tricks and treats...being creative is too exhausting! Just last night i m…

Guitar Gorgeous Quotes

Atif Aslam Special video #5 and #6 : Woh lamhe (Movie: Zeher) and Jalpari (Album: Jalpari)

Childhood Trauma Vid #2: DIY (Deal with It Yourself)

Hey folks! Here i am with the second video in the series based on Childhood trauma. The subject is serious and needs immediate attention. As grown ups, we may suffer from a painful incident happen in our lives which can still be difficult to deal with. Repercussions are on various levels. In order to understand ourselves better, we must come 1-0-1 to the traumatic episode.

To watch the Video #1, click here. Watch on my YouTube.

In this video, i have given away 8 powerful but equally effective tips to deal with a painful memory that belongs to childhood. Watch the full video to find it out or watch on my YouTube.

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Childhood trauma happens on a very minuscule level, sometimes even the culprit and the victim both fail to understand that it's happening. Emotional abuse (a part of childhood trauma) is the most common abuse found worldwide.

According to UNICEF, One in every two children in India is abused.

Does it not make this subject seriou…

Atif Aslam Special | Song #4:: Kuchh Is Tarah (Doorie)

Video #1: How to help a child deal with Childhood Trauma

Hello, visitor! i am Priyanka and i have started a series of videos pertaining to the subject: Childhood Trauma. This series will have 3 videos each containing significant understanding of the subject under different titles.

The first i have created is above titled as How to help a child deal with Childhood Trauma.

This series is a pure attempt to spread awareness about the issue known as Childhood Trauma, and is not intended for my book promotion. It's an effort to tackle the taboo and bring it out in open.

Please do share your feedback as well as share within your community. It'll be a big help. Thank you!

While I can't sleep with my guitar, I do it with my books :)

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'The Shadow of Darkness' on 20% discount!

Yes! You have heard it right. My latest book is now available on 20% amazing discount. For this week only. So get your copy today. Or, gift someone a good read this month to make them owe you one.

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The book is about Sejal and her extra-ordinary journey of dealing with the monsters of past and demons of the present. Don't worry! The story also has joyous aspects to look for - loving supportive family, resilient friendship, love etc.

The genre for my book is Fiction/Thriller. Thrillers are good to write. It pushes you to think further than what goes on surface. i have received many good positive reviews on Amazon for it. If you happen to buy it and read it, please do submit your review there. i'd love to read and respond. Yes! i do respond to the reviews posted. i appreciate every review and good positive reviews motivate me to work harder and do better.

Have a good day.

Money v/s Relationships

Which one of the above is more important?

With money comes various privileges and comfort.

With relationships come struggles, complications, sacrifices,  and other such heavy baggage.
With money comes luxury.

With relationships come responsibilities.
These days and as i grow along with my experiences, i am failing now than ever to understand this rivalry. Just to be clear, i am talking about others' stand on this. i know myself like the back of my hand. 
i see people sucking their own loved ones with money and precious assets without a tinge of remorse, trying to lead a life like a king and still wanting more. Their hunger for money does not seem to satiate at any amount. They ask as if it's their penny and pounds they've earned. Why, i don't know. If you won't liked to be total scooped out of your assets then why doing the same with others who have earned the right to own their money? If you fail at your job or making an earning, why should others be responsible …