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Create a life you would want to live.

In the daily hustle bustle of life, we hardly have time to pause and reflect about the things that we do. i believe that 90% of the chores we commit daily are resourced from responsibilities, peer pressure, obligation, deadlines, projects, family and what not. The rest 10%? We actually never pause and think about it.
That remaining 10% is actually the amount we could spend in doing things that we love. Other chores we cannot ignore. Some are urgent, some are emergency, some are both and some are simply routine but if we take as little as a 5 minute break from everything including family, we can surely figure out the things we love to do. When this important step is covered, we realize that now we have a purpose to each of our days and nights. We stay no more zombies or battle soldiers going about the routine. 
We can take some time out and create a life we would really want to live.
This concept helps when we grow old, have no job pressure, family responsibilities are declined in num…

Caught in a loop.

she was kinda caught in a loop round and round in circles corner to corner brick to brick beginning to the end back to square one caught in a loop with no fire escape designed or plotted  or even dotted the perpetuity is dizzying retching every single thought out letting the guards down swallowing the poison  letting the insides pound she wants to stop,  gosh! she knows she wants to! but how? how? how? that's the question  blaring at the walls floating in the air resonating in sound waves palpating in every kinda taste how? how? HOW? the question doesn't stop it never does it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and that's when it begins again a loop with a secret beginning but with no ending...

The other way round.

This morning returning from the hospital, i put my head back on car seat with my eyes covered thickly with the handkerchief. The burning sensation was quite strong. Again. 
As i focused on my problem, my husband on the driving seat continued with the conversation. Somewhere in the middle of that, he said,
We are lucky to be born in India. It's such a beautiful country!
i my head but wanted to say or rather, ask one thing,
But is India lucky to have us? Have we done anything for our beloved country?
Okay, it's two questions. 
But kept my mouth and eyes shut. Not all the time thoughts should mingle with air particles allowing them to travel through sound waves letting the person-in-vicinity get affected by the simple curiosity. Besides, the morning was too bright for my liking. My eyes were still burning too much. i didn't say anything at all and waited to reach home and make some tea. The craving was strong. i was on 12 hours fasting for some tests after all. 

The Third Perspective.

Sitting on my bed almost an hour ago, i was browsing my WhatsApp, checking on people's statuses. It's a good time pass. Sometimes, it's a simple boring flight but sometimes, precious pearls of wisdom bring forth turbulence making the flight interesting. It happened. The latter. i bumped into some wisdom, a third perspective to be precise. 
It's my house help's status that made me pause to reflect a smile soon after. 
Remember the scenario where we are often asked whether the glass is full or empty? Well, my HH's status provided the third - It's Both. 
Regardless of those struggles, running errands, and competition all over, life is beautiful but at the same time, it's not as much as satisfactory we want. 
Really liked her words. So i shared on my social media. 
What's your Word of Wisdom for today?
Happy weekend though.

Mother's Day special: A kid like ours

Our kid has joined Royal Cricket Academy here. He is passionate about the sport beyond words could ever say. Whether he sleeps late night or doesn't at all, the guy has to get up early in the morning every weekend to attend his sessions. His dedication and craze for the sport often inspires me.
It's cricket tournament going. Turns out, RCA is not the only academy here. There are four others as well. Yester-evening it was Semi-finals. RCA V/s MG 7. Let me tell you something about the latter. MG 7 was at the number 2nd in the list while RCA was number 3rd. So they are naturally a strong team. i was dreading the match. We all were. Chances of RCA to win was bleak yet we hoped for the best. i even made two pla cards to swing around during the match, much like the ones you see on TV when there is a cricket match happening in stadiums. One had 'Go RCA!!!' and the other had 'It's A Wicket!!' i thought to make these just to boost up the team spirit. With a match s…

Friday Fact