Friday, 20 April 2018

Say yes to No...

...if you must face it.

This morning, i was working on a song on my guitar as the next number in the on going Atif Aslam Special series on my guitar page (like, share, some Atif love) and YouTube (Subscribe to add guitar magic in your life). i played it for my husband and after a few lines, he just shook his head and said that it wasn't sounding quite melodious. In other words, the strumming that i have crafted to go along with the song did not work for him at all!

Just yesterday i had played this whole song to my kid and he loved it. He said that i am playing it quite classic and that he liked it. i was elated. And without me knowing, that moment had set an expectation of listening to some more positive feedback from my husband too. But guess what? i am not an ice cream seller. i can't keep everyone happy. 

Nevertheless, i felt down. i wanted my whole family's big thumbs up before i put this song cover up. Regardless, i played the whole song to myself, as a part of practice. Whether someone likes it or not, i am going to use the same style of guitar playing and make the cover. Because i too like the way i play it.

But i learned one thing. That i shouldn't have felt sadness or rejection wrecking me all over. If i have built my own ship and embarked on a journey with unknown destination, i must not let it sink with every little tide. Before holding the helm, i should know that there will be harsh weathers, angry waves, grunting sun, or dark dense hovering clouds. In fact, the whole universe will throw the best of troubles in the most strategic way once you decide on a mission. 

But should that stop you from moving forward or deciding on a journey altogether? With every refusal comes an opportunity. If you look at it in a different way, the refusal/rejection is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to become better while keeping the real essence inside you intact. 

A No can also mean next opportunity or in my words, Never Opt out. 

So the next song cover will be up soon, i hope.

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