Monday, 16 April 2018

One thing that i miss being in India

i finished working on my story almost an hour ago. The whole day i was leaned into my laptop until my kid came back from the school. That was the pre-determined cue of i am done for the day! thing.

The day has been charming in and out. It was sunny but pleasant in the morning but as the magician unwraps his more complicated tricks by the end of the show, the weather too has become more inviting, beckoning one to sit with a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the sight. Have a look. i just clicked a few moments ago.

How i wish i were in India? In the sea of things, i miss my terrace  in India during such evenings. 

There, i'd often go to my building terrace with tea cup safely secured in my hands, all the while praying no one to interrupt me on the way. Once there, i'd just get lost in its charm. The shade of the sky would turn darker, stronger, more intense. It'd often be the binge of a crazy painter splashing hues of gold, orange, blue, saffron smartly tinted with a bit of blue. Those sights used to be so beautiful!

As i'd sip my tea, i'd also take notice of the clouds changing shapes in the sky. It was fun for me, trying to locate a creature in them or inventing something entirely new. i have already talked about my crazy imagination of cloud creatures in my previous blog posts. 

Oh my! It has started raining outside. How beautiful the weather could be in Kuwait, in the month of April. Only the unlucky ones like me can't run to the balcony to see it more closely.

Let's get back to the terrace in India. Nature is a heavy inspiration. Several bits of my stories had taken shape there too. i'd just go there, stroll for about half an hour or so and then pop! A more suitable scene would ting in my head as a toast springs out of the toaster. Some times, i had gone there with my laptop and worked there until it turned dark. Where the rest of the building people preferred to go downstairs for having a leisurely walk and friendly talks, i'd scramble myself in the opposite direction, all the way to the terrace and find peace in the conversation happening between me and the divine.

Because i believe most beautiful conversations happen when there is nothing said. Much can be expressed and shared once you just listen to the silence. i'd watch birds, take the stock of the construction sites and their progress report just by watching over, look down to the people in my building having a walk around the campus, watch the elegant sun sinking gracefully at the horizon short, i'd just feel the time, the surrounding, listen to the unsaid and speak to no one. How beautiful those evenings were? i miss them so dearly.

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