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O Saathi (Movie: Baaghi 2) Guitar cover/tutorial

But before i put the next cover, listen to the latest one. 

Say yes to No...

...if you must face it.
This morning, i was working on a song on my guitar as the next number in the on going Atif Aslam Special series on my guitar page (like, share, some Atif love) and YouTube (Subscribe to add guitar magic in your life). i played it for my husband and after a few lines, he just shook his head and said that it wasn't sounding quite melodious. In other words, the strumming that i have crafted to go along with the song did not work for him at all!
Just yesterday i had played this whole song to my kid and he loved it. He said that i am playing it quite classic and that he liked it. i was elated. And without me knowing, that moment had set an expectation of listening to some more positive feedback from my husband too. But guess what? i am not an ice cream seller. i can't keep everyone happy. 
Nevertheless, i felt down. i wanted my whole family's big thumbs up before i put this song cover up. Regardless, i played the whole song to myself, as …

Keep going...

After practicing guitar during the day and maintaining the two hour class for the same in late evening, serving dinner, tomorrow's breakfast and lunch preparations (by the way i am still clueless about what veggie to cook for lunch), filling up hot water bottle, sorting out a few rather important stuff, i am now on my bed tucked in the blanket ready to work on my story. And suddenly, i feel so exhausted, so drained up! i don't remember when was the last time i actually sat for a minute without worrying about my writing or guitar. Tonight it feels it's just too much at the moment to take but what to do? This is the constant war i have chosen for myself. i have no option but to keep at it.
i didn't say any of the above to my family. i anyway realized this evening that i have turned into a boring person. My husband kept cracking jokes this evening and i just couldn't respond. fact to be shared (just between you and me), i was getting agitated at his constant humor. M…

One thing that i miss being in India

i finished working on my story almost an hour ago. The whole day i was leaned into my laptop until my kid came back from the school. That was the pre-determined cue of i am done for the day! thing.
The day has been charming in and out. It was sunny but pleasant in the morning but as the magician unwraps his more complicated tricks by the end of the show, the weather too has become more inviting, beckoning one to sit with a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the sight. Have a look. i just clicked a few moments ago.

How i wish i were in India? In the sea of things, i miss my terrace  in India during such evenings. 
There, i'd often go to my building terrace with tea cup safely secured in my hands, all the while praying no one to interrupt me on the way. Once there, i'd just get lost in its charm. The shade of the sky would turn darker, stronger, more intense. It'd often be the binge of a crazy painter splashing hues of gold, orange, blue, saffron smartly tinted with a bit of blue.…

Old habits die hard.

As i put the tea-dipped piece of biscuit in my mouth before beginning to write here, i was already decided what subject to write on today, this morning, Monday morning. It's 13:04 there in India but it's 10:35 here in Kuwait. i am sitting on the ground over the carpet having breakfast with tea. The box of my favorite biscuit is beside me. It's a small moment but beautiful enough to inspire the writer in me. 
If i tell you the truth, it's becoming a challenge to meet my writer side these days. Since the time i have picked up pace on my guitar, all i want to do is to keep playing songs after songs until the muscles in my fingers or neck snap or either of the strings give up. i sometimes play for 5-6 hours, non-stop. No. i do stop. for a few seconds, only to re-adjust my neck position and look at the skin under the nails in my left hand. The new skin has now made its appearance quite impressive for the area has gone smooth but tougher, sturdier, ready to tackle hours of …

A faceless, shapeless, endless poem.

No one deserves sadness
No one deserves loneliness
even when things are in bad shape
might as well you too
still, there should be a glint of hope
love, strength, happiness;
where the world around you expands
the one inside you collapses,
leaving you to feel brittle and naive
with legs too wobbly to walk,
too weak to follow a simple trail;
you may have called it a Golden Phase
where there is all the learning
harsh bitter cutting learning
as essential to you as a soap to your body
meant to cleanse, intended to purify;
but as the process begins and proceeds
turns out it's not easy
to drain all that pollution of you
to get rid of the dirt
the mud, the slime, the streaks of black holes;
it's difficult, you know
goin' through the process
it's rude, merciless, insensitive
might as well be a killing machine
'cause at one or the other point
it makes you think of quitting;
things that inspired you to keep breathing
faces that showed it's worth living
promises that held …

Tere Sang Yaara (Rustom) Full Cover+Tutorial

Wednesday Wisdom

Relationships - heart or head?

Relationships are meant to play by heart. The day you start using the head, they are doomed.
You must have read it somewhere too. Guess the world is a little bookshelf where two people indeed can read the same book. Or, may be we both have the membership of the same library.
Anyhow, it's a wise quote/thought to live by. Outside the four walls of home, you have to be on constant alert, contemplating each step, calculating each word spoken, listening to unsaid and reading the hidden. It's a treacherous world out there, i have heard it too. But once you are within those four walls, you can be yourself, original, pure, totally uncompromised.  Your family, friends, siblings...these all are the people who give you enough motivation and help you in fighting the world outside. How could you not love these people? How could you possibly work by head when heart is so filled with love for them? Admit. You are even ready to be called too sentimental. If that's what takes to show them…

i'll forgive but i'll stop being friends with him.

i was about to settle to play guitar when i received a phone call from the vice-principal sir of my kid's school. i was on alert immediately thinking what happened and whether my kid is alright.
Turned out, there had been a scuffle between my kid and his friend out of which my kid had to lose out on his spectacle. The other kid punched on his face and it fell down on the ground and broke in two pieces. Now the VP sir wanted to know what do i want to do in such situation, since this was an incident involving body hurt and the damage of a property. i listened and said, with a relief that my kid was alright, to let the matter go. The kids already have their punishment by the amount of guilt they must be going through. VP sir seemed to be alright with this and allowed the matter to mellow down but not before giving out a strict warning to both the kids.
It was his version. i was anxious to listen my kid's. Once he got home, i inquired. He said he did snatch the ball in the game b…

Dil Diyan Gallan (Tiger Zinda Hai) Full Cover Guitar

Learn to play music. It's awesome!

And by this, i don't mean tapping the play button in your mobile neither on your stereo. Certainly not surfing channels on radio either. 
What i mean by the blog post title is to learn some instrument to play. Anything you pick. There is a sea of choices to dive in and come up with one. i play guitar but i am lucky because it chose me instead of the other way around. i now play it and it feels so beautiful! Even though i am still a learner and in much early stage yet i try and practice every day. One plus one everyday will make me a rockstar one day. Day dreaming, i know.
By the way, i am about to upload my latest guitar cover on my Facebook Musician page (click) and YouTube channel (click click) for Dil Diyan Gallan from the blockbuster movie, Tiger Zinda Hai. When i play this song, i feel alive. No wonder tiger feels the same way. Lame joke, i know it as well.
But have a preview first. Soon i'll update the cover.

Thankfully, this time the thumbnail showing up above is not e…

Which one do you want to have - good or better?

They say, believe that whatever happens, happens for good. Life must have better things in store for you.
But who said you wanted better? May be you were happy with the good. Don't the other section of they say that be satisfied with what you have and be grateful for it?
If these two sections of they ever sit across each other on a table, they can stir a good debate.
This world has lots of confusing things to offer. In order to clear it, we have to become nitpickers and surf for what's suitable. Good or better, it's actually worthless talking about. 'Cause we have no control over it. If we have good, yay! If we have better, double yay, possibly? 
For me, sometimes it feels like i was good with the good, you know. Like when i was in India. i liked being there. It gave me a sense of belonging. Being in India was good. Now i am in Kuwait. If i open up the virtual register of past months' events, i can easily say moving to Kuwait has been great. My second book came ou…