Sunday, 18 March 2018

Guitar Gorgeous: A new venture

It's Sunday and thankfully, i have a great news to add to the fun. i have created a Facebook page for my guitar practices. The site will hold a collection of songs and tutorials (done by me), Guitar Gorgeous quotes, facts about it, moments of my life with guitar and the similar stuff. Check it out:

i am in love with guitar since i was very little. When i had reached the age where i could join classes, i had gone to the only institute that was home (and still is) for various instrument lessons. May be they were not very keen on getting students or there was something wrong with my face, the guy i had talked to there told me straight away that learning guitar is quite a tedious practice and can easily take 2-3 years. He did not even encouraged me to try a little.

i was disappointed. Like many others, i too had assumed that like fabric painting, guitar too could be learned in a short span of time but years? i started to have doubts about my passion. i thought may be it was a time phase where i have fallen for a guitar instead of a guy. So i came back home and never saw the door of that institute. 

Years went by but i don't think my fascination for this particular instrument ever died or even faded away. Or else why would i keep looking for guitar tuition or an institute wherever i lived/moved? May be the universe does answer to your constant quest. It was some morning of the year 2015 and I was in Bangalore home on my swing. i had taken the newspaper in my hands when a pamphlet slipped out from between its pages. i casually picked it up and found that it was about a guitar class. The location mentioned was not familiar to me. i called up my husband and asked. Turned out, it was merely away by a 5 minute drive. Now all those lost moments and years started to pile up together and i decided to try. For the first time, i was going to see a class where i could learn to be with my first crush (my guitar, of course. have you not figured it out yet?). i went there pretty soon and just like that, i was enrolled. 

Two factors played key roles:

1. It was insanely nearby to my house, and 
2. It was pretty affordable

Awesome, isn't it? What else did i need? A guitar, you smiley face. So i asked my teacher, Mr. Prakash Chhetri, to buy me one. i asked for Red and he got me a red colored guitar. i can't begin to explain the happiness when i had held my first ever guitar in my hands. it was like being in the arms of your lonnng lost love with a promise to never depart. Sorry for the cheesy liners. 

My first guitar

And then the journey began. It was hell of a ride with my guitar class mates and the teacher. Prakash sir gave me the best start to my journey. He taught us in a fun way where practical was more and theory was occasional. If it was reversed, i am not sure how much would i have learned. i wouldn't quit, for sure but the beginning could have been boring but i was one lucky girl. In our classes, not only did we learn but also had generous amount of fun. 

Now i know why people run away after joining an instrument class in a few weeks. The start must be fun, and not all theory. It makes you stick! 

Before shifting to Kuwait, i had to buy another guitar, a better one. But i have kept my first guitar in India. i will never sell it or give it away. It will always stay highly cherished and one of the most prized possessions of mine. 

There is more to the journey before the shift but let's keep that for later.

At Kala Bhavan, with my second guitar

Now i am in Kuwait and call it another strike of luck that i have a guitar institute nearer to my house than the one which was in India. Two minute walk is all it takes me to arrive there. Magical, is this the right word? Because it does look like to me. The institute i go to is Kala Bhavan (click to go there, virtually) and it not only houses guitar classes but also piano, drawing/painting, drums, violin, Bharatnatyam, bollywood dance and a few more. 

Now don't smile much and jinx it. Pray, please. i need to be on the journey to my writing and guitar as effectively as i can be. It's pretty much daunting and challenging to handle two things that can easily be divided as two stand-alone professions. 

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