Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Why i am focused on exam scores.

When i was in India last year busy running my Pick'A Book Club - For Kids in the society, there happened many-a-times when a kid has asked the meaning of an English word and i had found myself thinking over how to explain that emotion or action in exact words. Kids these days usually understand the meaning of an English word if you describe them in English. In such predicament, my kid would come to my rescue and fulfill the job perfectly. He would describe the asked word so precisely in English that i could not help but smile.

The purpose to write such prologue is to say that sometimes, kids help you to pinpoint something that you may have been searching to explain in exact words. You know what you mean but fail miserably to explain the motive behind it.

Not two hours ago happened the same thing. My kid asked me a question with a request as prefix to not to get offended by his curiosity. i said alright and go ahead. He asked,

"Mumma! When you got 80/100 in your Guitar exam, you were profoundly delirious. But when i score 70+ in exams, you don't feel the same way. In fact, you don't appreciate the result much. Why is that so?"

Although i continued to finish the chores, i fell silent nonetheless. The Q. was indeed worth pondering.

i am a kind of parent who does not push her child to score the highest in the class. Instead, i always focus on the line of attention and knowledge yet i would ask my kid to score better next time. He has always been one of the most brilliant students in the class. But recently, i could see the changes.

i thought over the Q. and replied, realizing that my kid has helped me once again in pinpointing my motive behind being focused on his marks.

"i am not focusing on your scores, son. It is the knowledge and how much attention you have paid to your subjects that i am inclined to. In your case, exam scores are the best way to measure them. Previously, you were scoring quite exceptionally but in the last few times, your scores have dropped which says that the efforts you used to pay have gone down. For me, scoring 80 was unexpected but since i had done my 100% efforts, it was worth and i was quite delighted. In your case, if you had done the same 100% and yet not scored well, i would never complain. You see, it's not scores but how much attention you have paid to each test and exam matters to me."

The answer seemed to work very well for him. He nodded and realized he has to keep up with his efforts and attention to stay up with knowledge. Scores are just numbers to measure the focus behind them.

Just FYI, he has scored pretty well in his last semester. And now finals are on the doorstep. i hope we both will pass with flying colors. 


  1. Loved reading it Priyanka, Yes the Q was indeed worth pondering

  2. Even when we answer their questions, they have the ability to dissect and judge within themselves if that was the right answer.


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