Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Stand by Tough Moms - by All Out

Today a video was shared. Millions of videos get shared every day every hour, i know but this one i got to watch. It's been released by All Out (the mosquito repellent company in India). It is called Stand by Tough Moms. The entire narration is impressive.

The background is the age old mind set. In-laws accusing the girl for a small thing her kid has done. One by one - the mother-in-law, the sister, the aunty, even the husband - nulls her decision to keep her child hungry as punishment. The girl stays silent suffering bullets of insult. Because she knows. It's her decision. Let people say what they have to. The only person coming in to support her decision is the father-in-law. When he flips the coin of perspective and validates her decision, everyone stops dead in silence. Suddenly, the fire-pitted words are ashen and angry faces look pale. It's the other matter if the girl had chosen to speak herself, no one would have paid attention.

i have no complaints when she stays silent. Not all the time you are obliged to speak up your choices and decisions. Sometimes, it is best to let the silence prevail. Voicing out can be taken as you are trying to justify yourself and hence, your perspective becomes null and void. Silence can symbolize confidence.

But i like the expression the girl has managed to carry through the major part of the entire video. Silent, obliged by her stand and yet serving her duties. i take these as signs of strength and clarity. At the end when she is happily playing with her child, there is so much radiance on her face, not because of some powerful face cream but because of the motherhood she considers worth standing for. As a mother, she has chosen to stand for her child, to teach him what he has done is wrong and coating the action in the layers of honeyed words and the legacy of pampered mind sets won't make a difference. What's wrong is wrong. As simple as that.

This video is another example showcasing how women are stronger. i can quote because i myself am one. *grin*

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