Saturday, 13 January 2018

5 things that show you have a winner's spirit

Clear eye on the goal

It takes time to identify but once the mist is cleared, your eyes are never off the goal. You not only pay attention towards it but also do the extensive research on What it takes to get it! 

Focus, self-motivation, perseverance, regular practice, discipline, imbibe everything that needs to ease the hurdles and fulfill the dream. 

A circle of chosen few 

It is a very common saying that a man is known by the company he keeps. Think deeper and you'll know why it is such a famous idiom. If your friends have positive attitude, accept your flaws and merits with equal enthusiasm, keep up with the motivation, provide space, believe in development and doing new things, ready to take a plunge for you if asked...these things in surroundings shape you. 

They make you better everyday.

Absorb the failures

An experience is a failure until you call it so. Till then, it's merely an experience, a lesson. One with  an undying spirit will never allow himself to succumb to the failures, disappointments, losses, rejections, lack of resources etc for longer period. These things may keep him down for some time but soon after, he will dust off the negative sentiments, pick up the drive and get ready to bat once again. 

Falling will never be the ending. It'll only be a part of the process. Getting up will always be the end as well as a new beginning.


Yes. Reading is a habit that every achiever will swear by. Reading not only introduces to new adventures and stories but books also offer a dedicated time slot of deep concentration...a voyage to the world where there are things to be learned which you would never be able to learn otherwise. It's one life but with books, you can live a thousand times.

Tough outside, soft inside

Struggling times are the hardest. Many-a-times, emotions might hover your abilities. You start questioning your merits, talent and the method you have been applying so far. These are the times when you have to allow the over flowing emotions to mold you in the shape required to touch the goal. The process can be quite challenging and might i dare say,  demotivating. But remembering to be polite, calm, in self-control, focused, and humble will do the trick.

Let what breaks you make you only stronger.


We can't win with every challenge. We lose some, we win some but the one who makes life meaningful despite of all the failures and disappointments is the real winner. The Shadow of Darkness is such story that tells you the real meaning of winning.

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