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It's not only her job. It belongs to both.

Last week i was in telephonic conversation with my friend. i don't remember when our conversation was directed into this direction but i do recall we were talking on the concept of sharing the load. To know better about this worldwide concept, i request you to watch this video first.

This video is truly one of the most powerful videos you will ever come across. 
Coming back to the phone call with my friend, she narrated quite an intriguing moment of her daily life. Scrambling up her words roughly, this was what she said,
"We were done with the dinner. Since being in US you don't get house helpers, i was putting back the vessels of left overs in the kitchen. When i returned to took away dishes we had just dined in, my husband came in and tried to take those dishes away. i interrupted saying, 'It's alright. i'll do it.' in exchange to which he said,

Let's handle what's needed to be handled: Criticism

People have different choices to respond to a situation. It totally depends upon what makes them comfortable doing it. And when it comes to criticism, you not only have to keep smiling but also have to accept it in positive terms. It's not easy when someone criticizes your work and being an author, it doesn't come easy any less. When my latest book - The Shadow of Darkness - was put out in open, it was special. When i see the same book lying around the house, i still feel that special feeling has not gone yet. It is still lingering round the corners. A few reviewers have reviewed my work and some of them have bowled me with their kindness. Even though i know their POVs (Point Of Views) are completely honest and unbiased, it still makes me humble thinking that they chose to look more at the strong aspects of my book rather than focusing on what could be done better. Don't get me wrong. i respect both kind of reviews. But the real Q. arises when someone has said something abo…

Poem for my parents' anniversary.

कर्तव्यों की सीढ़ी चढ़ते - चढ़ते
जाने कहाँ छोड़ आये हम खुशियों की ज़मीन
मुस्कुराये हुए तो जाने एक ज़माना हो गया
और लोग कहते हैं वजह भी हैं हम हीं !

रिश्तों के भंवर में घूमते घूमते
सीधी सी ज़िन्दगी भी उलझ गयी
चले थे ज़िम्मेदारियों की बागडोर सम्हालने
पर अपने ही थोड़े बदल गए;

अब नहीं होता,  बस बहुत हो गया !
सहन नहीं होता, बहुत हो गया !
एक पल को ही सही पर कहीं छुप जाते
माँ -बाप के साये में एक बार बच्चे फिर बन जाते !
वही कोमल बूढ़ी उँगलियों को पकडे
बचपन की गलियों में दौड़ आते
थोड़ा सा गिरते, थोड़ा सम्हल आते;

लौटा नहीं सकते समय के चक्र को
तो आगे ही देखना है, मेरे साथी!
सैंतीस साल बीत गए तुम्हारे संग
तुम ही हो मेरी जीवनसाथी ;

ग़म न करो , मेरे हमसफ़र !
रिश्तों के इस भंवर में
ज़िम्मेदारियों के इस समंदर में
मैं हूँ आपका हाथ पकडे
खड़ी आपके पीछे हिम्मत बन के !

साथ जो ग़र है एक दुसरे का
मुश्किल से मुश्किल दौर भी गुज़र जाएगा;
चलो आज एक बार फिर जी लें
थोड़ा हंस लें, थोड़ा मुस्कुरा लें
कल से फिर वही ज़िन्दगी में चलना है
साथ जो हम हैं तो फिर क्या डरना है !

P.S. This poem i have composed as in a small dedication to my pare…

Secret of the night

i have felt it; the shift, the change of plans clubbed over night in deathly silence, i now know what destiny holds for me it's all glittery and stars, blinding and beauty, i intend to embrace it all with elegance and grace 'cause destruction has donned a wicked new face;

The evening and the First Step

Remember how they say take the first step and then it becomes easier? Well, they say it right.
Because taking the first step is always the hardest of coming ones.
The late evening i am about to mention belongs to November 2017. i was perched on my sofa. The house was silent. That means my husband and kid were soundly asleep, most possibly waving through pleasant dreams. i, on the other hand, was restless, nervous, and filled with anxiety. 
My book was about to be published and now i had to put the news out. It sounds simple. Like singing your brand new song out loud. Like putting the final strand of parsley on the finished dish. Too easy. Too quick. But only it wasn't. i was afraid, not of the world but of myself. It had been long since i had felt how does it feel when your book comes out. i was just still and blank. 
As i glanced down at the glowing cars and lit shops, my heart was racing. i felt sweat beads right beneath the uppermost layer of my skin, ready to burst out any se…

When Sunday is no more a holiday and you are a writer

The cycle of reading goes on

i want to write a post here but there is this song stuck into my head since last 15 minutes and every time i come here to type, i play that song once again and listen and then i come back to type but then again i listen the song, finish and then come back only to helplessly watch the cycle repeat itself. Do you know what does the song, that is stuck in your head and keeps playing in a loop, is called? It is called Ear-worm. The word is quite catchy though.
Anyway, let's talk about books! Today i finished Girl Online Going Solo by Zoella Sugg. i am seriously not into teen books and chic lits but a few weeks back i was into the book shop here and saw this Girl Online on discount. The cover looks colorful and vibrant, matching to the story of 17 years old girl. So i bought it. i find books the best articles to decorate my house with. i love seeing books lying around, my guitar resting at one corner and my laptop perched on a table or sofa. These give me a sense of belonging, remind …

Get off internet, get a life.

A few days back, i came across this :

These five words are way more killing than the famous three words. They can stop your heart beating in a second while the latter one may take time to do the same. If three words aren't able to - cause hyper tension, a couple of syndromes, sleepless nights, jaywalking, incessant blabbering, birds and stars roaming around head, and stop the world spinning - then these five words definitely can. i know they are pretty effective because i can chant i love you!  for 108 or may be, 1008 times but i don't think i have the courage to say - i am switching off internet - not even for once.
Internet has become like breathing. Once it's out, you get blank! You don't know what to do? Where to go? Whom to chat with? Where to meet? The whole world has only one ramp walk and that's internet. It's impressive seeing how everyone just loves the internet but life is existing beyond that. Yes. That's true. Don't believe me? Okay then. …

My version of The Judgment Day

It's become a routine lately, writing a post before hitting the bed. My fingers just want to tap for 30 minutes or so in an attempt to create something that can help me with the good night sleep. Writing is soothing and all that theory and facts.
An hour and a half ago, i was glued to my sofa, eyes sticking out in front in horror and dismay, and my heart was pounding just to figure out whether we'd survive the deathly Leo-Beiderman comet attack on earth. Well, it was not actually an attack. The comet happened to be thrown in the earth's orbit and now it was coming with a greeting card. USA was as usual worried. Mr. President was doing his best to keep his cool while addressing the nation but i could feel he must be wanting to be reassured by someone else as well. Some times, you want to be weak and receive all the sympathy flowers and soothing words. But you are stripped off this privilege when you sign yourself as the president of USA (and that is exactly why i am never …

Feminism: Where it needs work?

In the series hashtag Women On The Move organized every Wednesday by Women's Web on twitter, we women were indulged in discussing probabilities of below idea:
How to raise feminist sons?
Men and women, all are equally welcome to join these weekly sessions.

Bring the word Feminism anywhere and you will be frowned upon, sneered at or may be even face palmed with judgment. And that's exactly why it makes up for a brilliant topic. The concept is highly misunderstood and often taken as an offense/granted when someone says he or she is a feminist. There are multiple layers of myths and misconceptions linked to feminism that demands to be unpeeled off! As a result, we talked.
After an hour long chat, these ideas were bring forth collectively - 
Communicate with sons. The males of the house should start respecting women. Because charity begins at home.Boys should be involved in household chores to understand the nature of women's work.They should utilize media such as books and mov…

Read! No more excuses!

Among other joys in life, reading tops the list and i am not the only one saying it. Enough research has been done on finding what makes people special happy and not surprisingly, reading seems to have the best spell. How great!
For proof, let me give you the list of Top 15 Hobbies in the world: ReadingFishingSewingListening to musicBird watchingWood workingCollecting (coins, stamps, books, antique jewelry, furniture etc.)Watching televisionGolfTravellingShoppingCookingGardeningSpending time with family and friends, and Theater
For me, reading does not come as a hobby. It's one more way of living life, a big sophisticated but personal show to feel the magic of another world. Reading defines my life up to a great extent. Nurture the passion of reading. Because it is worth. Every. Single. Second. 
Therefore, in order to spread this infectious joy, i am sharing some quick fixes to people who do not like to read as well as for those who do not find enough timeanymore to pick a good re…

8 pointers on How to survive on your own.

How do you define a good time?
When everything is running smoothly, when everything is exactly what you wanted to be, right?
Now let's define a bad time.
When nothing goes in favor, and you feel your legs are tied at one end of the anchor whose other end is tied to the bottom of the ocean. The feeling of drowning to be precise.
If you abhor bad times, well then good times are the ones to blame. Because they have given you the taste of happiness, of how time flies away quickly and how easier it was to breathe every second. With bad times, it is like we are standing on the other side of the mirror where everything is the exact opposite.
So who is the better teacher between the two?
Bad times. Right?! Because they teach you the hardest lessons, because they peel the mask off faces, because they allow you to see the reality. And since we are all dreamers, reality is a salty pie which no one is willing to eat.
Learning process is hard but with few hacks, it can get easier to understan…

5 things that show you have a winner's spirit

Clear eye on the goal
It takes time to identify but once the mist is cleared, your eyes are never off the goal. You not only pay attention towards it but also do the extensive research on What it takes to get it! 
Focus, self-motivation, perseverance, regular practice, discipline, imbibe everything that needs to ease the hurdles and fulfill the dream. 

A circle of chosen few 
It is a very common saying that a man is known by the company he keeps. Think deeper and you'll know why it is such a famous idiom. If your friends have positive attitude, accept your flaws and merits with equal enthusiasm, keep up with the motivation, provide space, believe in development and doing new things, ready to take a plunge for you if asked...these things in surroundings shape you. 
They make you better everyday.

Absorb the failures
An experience is a failure until you call it so. Till then, it's merely an experience, a lesson. One with  an undying spirit will never allow himself to…

8 powerful signs to identify Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma(CT) - a painful incident taken place in childhood. Its affects can be so devastating that not even the bearer realizes its power. He blames himself for not being able to do better but the reason might be very opposite. It may not be his lack of doing things better but the trauma that he had to endure in the childhood that's keeping him from evolving.
As parents and guardians to our children, it is utmost important for us to learn signs of Childhood Trauma. The painful episode can affect the child in so many ways that many a times, we fail to even see them! Then how can we identify them?
Here are 8 powerful signs that can help you to understand whether a child is suffering from a traumatic episode:

Lack of confidence The person suffering from CT may lack confidence. Where other people can do tasks without any hassle, the trauma bearer may find it difficult to execute. The lack of confidence triggers to low self-motivation which makes the task look bigger than its real…

As a parent, you need to be braver.

Yesterevening when my kid wanted to play cricket but did not know where, i stepped in, apparently with more courage and invisible armory. There is a pretty place on my floor right outside my doorstep and the sport understandably can not be played inside the house. So i asked him what if we played out on the floor space but he denied vehemently. After all, no one would like to be reprimanded by a neighbor for disturbing his evening time. i insisted and we played. For 15 good minutes i guess. One neighbor sure came out but when he saw a kid playing, he said to continue. It was encouraging.
There was, of course, no intention to disturb anyone but if we, the parents, keep following rules and guidelines all the time, how then can we expect our children to be able to break the ceiling glass one day? If parents keep saying Yes and No as the world says, how our children would change the equation? In order to teach them the formidable lessons of  passion and dedication, as parents, we have to…

Sharing helps!

The post title is also a quote from my book - The Shadow of Darkness. 
How it came to be? Because the story comforts an ebullient friendship between Sejal and Diya. They are childhood friends. Where for Sejal, this friendship is a perfect escapade from her daily issues (like nightmares and nagging people), for Diya, the bond is moreover about being receptive (welcoming the shifts of emotions). Their friendship is the kind that drags one to the other. 
Like Sejal, you too must have someone with whom you share not only happiness but also the problems. Because let's fact it! Sharing good times is easier than troublesome experiences. So in the same endeavor, i'd like to ask you:

You can pick'n drop your comments below. Keep sharing. 

Warm wishes from family and friends.

So we asked some of our family and friends to record their best wishes for my latest book - The Shadow of Darkness - instead of conveying them personally. We thought it'd be a good way to freeze their words for inspiration whenever i feel loss at it. So, the same has been shared and i am very delighted sharing the collection. It makes me feel i can go on because i have these wonderful people by my side to look after. 

Sarojini - an inspiring woman

The above quote belongs to my latest book - The Shadow of Darkness. The character in reference to whom this line has been written is Sarojini, an old woman and a widow, living with her son and his family. 
When Sarojini lost her husband - Sujoy, it was, of course, not easy on her. She was devastated for months! As a loving caring wife, she always did her best to be the strongest support pillar for her husband so that their marriage can be called a beautiful home to be in. Unfortunately, one night her dreams and desires are put to an end when the person she loved the most dies. Sujoy leaves her to grieve and loneliness. 
Losing on the husband is a big tragedy for a woman. Not only he is the towering figure for the family for protection but also a practical mind to solve many issues. Tough head but soft at heart. Sure men and women are different but when the husband has this caring nature, knack for his business to expand its wings, always stays protective of his family, the wife sure …

The soothing hug.

It's weekend here. Friday and Saturday. Be it either weekdays or weekends, there is always a rush chasing. For weekdays, it's routine whereas on weekends, it's the desperation to relax. Both the ways, days always go by in a blink.

These days i feel i am growin even more intolerant to the constant running. All i crave is to sit down and have a lengthy luxurious piece of quietness. Now i understand better when i see movie stars having wine in their bath tubs, listening to music and relaxing in the aromatic pool of water. Quietness can be so lucrative that it makes the human go at any length to have it.

It's so tough to afford it, you know. The quiet Me time where you can just sit and do nothing. A cup of tea is appealing so warm sips provide more comfort. Here in Kuwait, there are plentiful of sea beaches. And the way its citizens maintain them, hats off! They really like to keep their city and beaches superbly clean. Whenever i get a chance, i want to walk on the edge …

Review for The Shadow of Darkness

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It is love that outlaws every existing logic.

It happens when you least expect it
the shift comes slowly and steadily
and before you know it,
you have already fallen for it!

It is the light, it's the darkness
it is the suffering, it is the healing,
it's a no wonder yet is the biggest magic,
it is love that outlaws every existing logic.

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New Year Wishes!