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Early December 31st post

2017 is about to say bye bye giving way to the new year. Like every predecessor, this year too had been the roller coaster in many sense. But it's still not over. One more day is left. The last day. The final call. The Judgement Day. Sounds scary. Only it isn't. After the last drop comes another empty bucket of 365 1/4 days to fill with memories mixed with emotions, faces and what not. Let's not indulge into finding examples here.
Let's talk what i did this evening. We had nice dinner outside at a good restaurant. The weather here is chilly so a reasonably good jacket is required. You'd also like to cover your head to save those precious silky locks from receiving harsh repercussions afterwards. i also travel with gloves. My hands get too cold too soon. What else? You can also carry a good scarf, thick socks, good quality lip balm to avoid chapped lips, rich moisturizer, shoes/boots...i guess this much is enough. 
Post dinner, we walked to the sea beach which was …

You are stronger than yesterday.

In a way, Sejal was the common link between two worlds that stood poles apart in every sense.  (Page 25)
The above quote is from my recent book - The Shadow of Darkness (It ends where it was started)
What came into your mind when you read it? Why do you think i posted it here? For my book promotion? No. i posted it here because it's the reality told bravely through a fiction story where Sejal leads and loses, wins and performs. People affected by a traumatic episode in their childhood years not only struggle to live a life but they constantly thrive to bring meaning to it. They look for a stronger purpose than the mere survival everyday. In my words, they are fighters with brave souls.
Some might say Sejal is my lead character and that is why i talk her as a fighter. Nope, once again. She is a fighter and that's why she is my protagonist. She is beautiful and intelligent, sensitive and brave, caring and friendly. She has the colors of a good human being with downsides of bei…

Love 'not' at the first sight.

"You don't know me, Sejal. But I hope you do. Very soon!" Kartik to Sejal

The book cover and two characters placed side by side do not make much of a mystery, do they? You can easily figure out that Kartik and Sejal are the lead protagonists of my next book: The Shadow of Darkness. 
K and S are very special to me, not because they are my creations but because they have developed themselves along with the story. If i wanted K to do this, he refused and did the opposite. If i asked S to go there, no! She would go nowhere near 'there'. At the end, i gave up and let them carry on to grow, to become what they wanted to be. And i guess they have done a nice job. A recent review says the same.
But unlike every other love story, K and S tick off each other at every chance they get. Neither of them is willing to settle down. There is always a dagger drawn out, ready for the battle. There is always this desperation to chase each other in conversations to prove who's s…

The limitless boundaries of a writer.

Writing is cathartic.
Writing is beautiful.
Writing is ethereal.
Writing touches you deeply, wraps you in a sheath of comfort.
Writing lets you be when you wish to scream but are unable to do so.
Aren't above the things people usually say about writing? That it is magical? that the pen is mightier than the sword? That the writers turn thoughts into action?
True it is, whatever you pick. Writing is about making the words prance around sloppily with happiness. It is allowing the words to ache instead of you. It can magnify the slightest of pains and dwarf the biggest of achievements. Writing is like building the monument of events, firing the plot with crackers of interesting set of characters who amaze you with the sight ever so blinding, with the feelings ever so heavenly. Writing indeed is magical!
Writing is not only beautiful but it also makes the pen holder feel beautiful too. Words let you express. Words allow you to expand when you feel shrinking into a dot. Characters speak on …

अविरत चलता ब्रम्हांड

हवा में  बिखरे पत्तों से दिन  आसमां के तारों सी फैली रातें  आँखें इनके बीच कुछ ढूंढती सी  तय कर रही कितनी राहें ;
एक पल और सब कुछ है  उम्मीद, चाहत, ज़िन्दगी के रंग  अगले पल जैसे कुछ भी नहीं  है तो बस जलता शून्य अनंत;
कहाँ जाऊं किसे बताऊँ  कैसे कहूँ किसे समझाऊं  प्राणों की आहुति भी दे दूँ  तो भी शायद कह ना पाऊं;
खुली आँखों से सपने देखते
जाने कब बंद आँखों की नींद चली गयी
जो सपने कभी मरहम थे
आज काँटों से चुभते हैं दिल पर;

कहाँ ढूँढूँ खोये उन टुकड़ों को
जो कभी मेरा एक हिस्सा थे
कुछ यादों में ग़ुम हो गए
कुछ ऱक्त के साथ बह गए ;

So my latest book is Out!

i was downstairs at one of my neighborhood friends' house discussing things when i received the mail stating that my latest book - The Shadow of Darkness - is out! Just a few weeks ago, an earthquake had shaken my building quite lovingly. After reading the mail, another earthquake shook me within. i stopped talking and checked the links, and yes! It is true. My new book is now available for you to buy, read and share. Funny how and where life gives surprises.

 Find The shadow of Darkness on:




The story is promising. No? You don't trust me? Okay. Watch the fresh trailer for crying out loud.

At the end, if you like, buy and read. Share your feedback with me. Also, share with your friends and family as much as you can.

With love - Priyanka

Final teaser of 'The Shadow of Darkness'

So here is the second and final teaser of my upcoming book - The Shadow of Darkness. Hope you enjoy watching it. A lot of effort has been gone into making it. 
Yeah, like it's a wonder. It happens with everyone. Get over yourself, Priyanka!

Watch the first one here:

Buy Book links will be shared soon. Don't forget to buy and then share them with your friends and family. It's the best way you can give me your wishes and blessings. And yes, through your comments too.
P.S. Read my pre-release interview done for my new book - The Shadow of Darkness:
Get to know more about the author:
See the first teaser on https://www.yo…

Pre-release interview for 'The Shadow of Darkness'

First and the foremost, read the pre-release interview done for my upcoming book here on IndiaCafe24:

Priyanka Baranwal is back with a new book on IndiaCafe24

The interview has new things for you to learn about my book. and i sincerely hope you enjoy reading it. Don't forget to leave a comment there (or here). The owner of IndiaCafe24 is my friend. She'll love your comments there.

Sharing the link, i can totally recall the first day, the first word of TSD (let's call my book in a short name. Writing its full name every time is finger-cracking). The title was decided and the story line was decided earlier than the title. It was somewhere along the journey of writing my first book - It's Never Too Late (again a finger-cracking effort writing it. Let's call it INTL as i usually prefer). If you have read INTL, you know Maya already and if you haven't then go, buy and read. The build up is nice, as someone had complimented me once.

INTL dealt with a grown up woman a…

Scars are a lot like love.

i have been meaning to write a blog post since days but couldn't do it. i know my book is coming out and that i am supposed to be frantically writing posts here more than ever to get people hooked up about what to expect in my new creation. But you know...responsibilities scare you away some times. Or that's what has been happening with me; wanted to pay but sub-consciously avoiding it. But what the heck! Life is long anyway.
So i have been receiving messages and mails regarding the cover of my new book. People are liking it. i am glad! So much effort, time and black-hair-turned-grey are invested in it. It has to be appealing. Credit goes to my publishing team who made it possible or else i am terrible when it comes to draw/sketch. It's because of my team that my story has gotten such a suitable intriguing face. Can't say thank you enough.
The book is on Childhood Trauma, a taboo for you and me and the rest of the society. Trauma, of any type, is a scar, screech marke…