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Radio4Child awards Second Edition 2017 by UNICEF India in partnership with AIR and AROI

If you think India has the largest immunization base programmes in the world, you are right!

If you think radio has much more capability than to play songs, prank calls and talk shows, you are again right!

Mix both and we have an outstanding combination working towards the betterment of the society.

Mumbai, November 10, 2017: UNICEF in partnership with All India Radio (AIR) and Association of Radio Operators of India (AROI) hosted the second edition of Radio4Child awards in a fruitful endeavor to recognize and honor creative as well as effective strategies on Routine Immunization (RI). This year, a big focus was also tended to End Violence (against women and children). AROI is the industry group that brings 200 FM channels together.

Or simply said, to increase the awareness about RI through Radio. Its first edition came out in 2015: Radio4Child awards by UNICEF in association with AIR and AROI Edition One. 

UNICEF is constantly working hard to save around 26 million babies through RI every year but with only 65% of children in India getting immunized every year, the target is still to be achieved. And what better way to work at it but with the help of Radio?

But why Radio?

In the precise words of then Chief of Advocacy and Communication UNICEF India (2015), Caroline den Dulk:

"Radio, as a powerful medium, is a crucial point of contact with the remotest and hard-to-reach populations. Today as we celebrate the awesome power of this medium, it shows us how “on air” activities can creatively communicate critical health messages."

In the focus: Additional Director General All India Radio Mumbai with Mr K. G Suresh, DG IIMC, Mr Rajeev Shukla, OSD AIR, Ms Tanya Patnaik, CEO Radio Choklate, Mr Uday Chawla, Secretary AROI, Mr Nirmal Pathak, Editor, PTI Bhasha, Mr Abhay Shankar Gaur, Secretary PTC AIR Association at the inaugural ceremony of the Radio4Child awards on Routine Immunization and End Violence (2017)
A total of 120 RJs across radio stations participated this year. The special partnership between UNICEF, AIR and AROI is largely focused on using AIR journalists and RJs to come forward with innovative ideas on Routine Immunization through six categories –

  • 1.       Best jingle
  • 2.       Best PSA
  • 3.       Best creative campaign
  • 4.       Best RJ link
  • 5.       Mission Indradhanush best radio spot award,
  • 6.       Best message clarity award

The event was graced by UNICEF celebrity activist, Madhuri Dixit. Humbled by being the advocate of such mission, she said:

“Radio as a medium has a far-reaching impact on a wide and diversified audience.  I am delighted to present these awards to the brightest minds in radio who are passionately contributing in creating awareness about the benefits of immunization in various communities. I congratulate all the participants of this award.” She applauded the efforts done by RJs and organizers in doing their best to popularize the importance of RI."

“As an UNICEF Advocate, I would like to reiterate how all children, no matter where they live or their circumstances, have the right to survive and to thrive – and we each have the responsibility to help them realize that right,” she added further.

For more press coverage, visit the links:

UNICEF celebrity advocate Mrs. Madhuri Dixit

Along with Mrs. Dixit, All India Radio (AIR) OSD Rajeev Kumar Shukla, Mr. K G Suresh, Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Mr Neeraj Aggarwal, ADG Vividh Bharti, Mumbai, Ms. Anuradha Prasad, President, Association of Radio Operators for India (AROI) and Mr Rohit Bansal, Group Head, Corporate Communications, RIL also graced the event.

In the focus: UNICEF Celebrity Advocate Madhuri Dixit, Anuradha Prasad, President AROI, Rajeev Shukla, OSD All India Radio handing over the Radio4Child Awards to Master Yunus Khan and his mother at the Radio4child awards in Mumbai (right to left)

Mr. Shukla encouraged the initiative stating how AIR will always be committed towards mankind.  In his words: 

"As a public broadcaster, we have a responsibility towards social commitment. In this regard, AIR has always been at the forefront of developing and broadcasting programmes that are relevant to the all round development of its audience. Radio4Child awards is a commendable initiative that fosters healthy competition in public interest."

Radio is one of the most effective media to reach out to the people living in the remotest areas of the country. With the help of radio, UNICEF targets to sensitize the country about three major issues – Routine Immunization, Child Health and End violence against women and children.

To keep a tap on preventable child deaths, UNICEF, AIR and AROI have been organizing workshops for the Radio Jockeys (RJs) of private FM channels and the journalists of AIR since 2014. The intuition behind such workshops is to train them in coming up with creative talk shows and jingles etc. and to encourage people about child health through radio. Since radio has the unique ability to reach and walk among people living in the poorest and farthest areas of the country, it makes it a powerful medium to engage.

From Editor's diary:

Immunization is one of the most cost-effective public health interventions that currently averts an estimated two to three million deaths globally every year.  India has one of the largest immunization programmes in the world, in terms of the number of beneficiaries, geographical coverage and quantities of vaccine used, with nearly 26 million newborn babies targeted for immunization each year. Over 9 million immunization sessions are held every year across the country. However, despite this extensive coverage, only 65 percent of the children in India receive all vaccines during the first year of their life. 

List of the winners of Second Radio4Child awards are:

·         Shalini Mittal AIR Delhi for KAALA TIKA NAZAR

The WINNER for BEST PSA on EndViolence-AIR is:
·         Yunus Khan AIR Mumbai for JADOO  

·         Gour & RJ KP from Siksha O Anusandhan Community Radio Bhubaneswar Odisha for RAP

·         Umesh Mehta AIR Mumbai for JAMOORA

·         Sanjay Goswami, AIR Gauwahati , Assam for CHILD 

Winner of BEST RADIO SPOT on EV-AIR is:
·         Namrata Phalke AIR Aurangabad,Maharashtra for DARKNET

·         A.K. Tiwari, AIR  Purnea, Bihar for BADHTEY KADAM-ANM PUSHPA

·         Apeejay Satya University, Sohna Haryana for CYBER ABUSE-STOP IT!

The WINNER for BEST PSA on RI-FM is:
·         Radio City Delhi for KILKAARIYAN

The WINNER for BEST PSA on EndViolence-FM is:
·         RJ Sangram and Manash, Radio Choklate Bhubaneswar Odisha for BISWAS

The Winner for BEST RADIO JINGLE ON RI –FM is:
·         Anshu Priya Radio Dhoom, Jamshedpur for LAGAAVELU

The Winner for BEST JINGLE on EV FM is:
·         Chuppi Todo - RJ Subhash Krishna Radio Mirchi, Patna, Bihar

·         RJ Rocky & Abbas Red FM Delhi for TIMECHECK 

Winner of BEST RADIO SPOT on EV FM is:
·         RJ Animesh My FM Raipur, Chhatisgarh  for AWAAZEIN

·         RJ Mandy Red FM Gauwahati, Assam for DISTRICT IMMUNIZATION

·         RJ Sangram, Radio Choklate, Bhubaneswar, Odisha for JKR FACEBOOK

A big congratulations to these amazing RJs for putting their creativity at best and lending their hands to spread the word.

For more information, please contact:

Geetanjali Master, Communication Specialist
Tel: 91-981 810 5861,

Sonia Sarkar, Communication Officer - Media

Visit below links to know more about Radio4Child First Edition

*The event details were provided and this blog post is written on request.


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