Sunday, 29 October 2017

All you need is a big window

You know when there is day's rush, when nights are a nuisance, dogs won't stop barking and humans won't stop complaining. You need a pause during such times. A little something that's precious enough to keep you going, keep you motivated and soul uplifted. For some, it may be a big cup of hot coffee and for some, it might be a lovely phone call to someone beloved. For me, it's a big window in my dining space

If one thing i can bet you by sitting in my favorite corner, it'd be to show you a peaceful sight of the world outside. In my new house, you will find a window that starts from floor and goes all the way up to the ceiling. It comes into the view the moment you enter the house. Sitting by it, in a corner and watch the outside world go about its regular days and nights is soothing. The sight is alike to that hot cup of coffee or the phone call. i can easily get lost into watching the sliver of the city whereas it helps me to connect with my self too. You can say the window is the medium that allows the process of osmosis. i live inside the house but the moment i look out, i find my self in precipitations. i find myself out there looking for some great meaning in life 

The big window allows me to breathe the necessary. It permits me to live in a space where nothing else matters and everything matters. i get to see the world from a different eye where each human is similar, each one of us is kind and generous. Some of them are different because they honk for longer times. But that's alright. At least they are taking their frustrations out. Unlike the others who rather attempt to keep everything inside and keep growling for the entire day in so many different ways. They also need something to soothe the aching desire 

But for me, the big window of my living space is my ally. i sit by it and can watch outside at the roads bustling with people and other activities the whole day. And i am glad i found it. i have it. We all need something that can help us to look outside that can make the connection with inside, don't we

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