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Learn to cherish little things

i sat down 30 minutes ago to paint my nails so that when i wake up tomorrow, i can find some morning happiness upon seeing my beautiful hands. It's the one little thing that i did today to feel like a princess tomorrow. 

The colors adorning my nails are orange gel nail lacquer and glazed green painted asymmetrically. The combo is quite pleasing. How much little things matter, you see. You don't need a big car or fat salary to please yourself. The real happiness lies in looking for and doing little things such as eating ice-cream at night, reading book while brewing tea, a 2 minute chat with the bestie, looking fondly at one photograph, standing in the balcony gazing out at the night sky, sipping filter coffee in Bangalore's chilly weather, or painting nails. These little things happen so secretly that you often fail to even realize that they are happening and that you are pleased. You forget to be thankful too. This evening when my husband suggested to go out and have tea there, i said, 'No. i want my handmade cup. i like my own brewed tea'. i also like holding my Kindle and read Grisham or Cecelia or Coelho. There is a magic in reading. You no longer stay a human being. You turn into a superhero, ready to plunge into a world unknown with powers undefined. 

In the same manner, there is a splash of freshness when you look fondly at a framed picture. A picture is a moment captured in time. You move on leaning onto future but pictures and videos make you stick around the happy past. You not only like the way you are dressed in it but many things line up instantly to cheer you up. Like the greenery or how the photographer had told you to stand and pose; your attempt to throw a smile that should look genuine as if you were just told you are Princess Diana or Edward Cullen; you also contemplate on the footwear and the frame within which the picture is standing proudly. One tiny frame and so many lush memories. 

Realize these little things. Be thankful for them. Learn to cherish what each moment says to you. Fly with open eyes but don't forget to kiss the reality. Reality restricts unnecessary which allows freedom. And when you are free, the mind and heart become receptive to each form of happiness however minute it may be. 

You don't need to wait for big things to happen. Take a little initiative to trigger a sense of adventure. No. Please don't try drugs or alcohol or even smoking as adventures. You can call your group of close friends and have a good day out. You can try to write down how do you want your Sunday to pass. You can simply hold your lover and ask what makes him/her happy. The answer itself will give you a little adventure trip to embark and win over. You can try a funky jacket (i am lookin' for a denim jacket by the way since many days) or run a day-long workshop on something that you are skilled at! Trust me! Think and you will find there is a web of little things woven inside and around you that can bring a sheath of happiness and positivism. These little things are actually more important ones. In the long run, they become huge, as big as your passion to do something nice and great.

Right now, i am done with one adventure trip. Painting my nails, i mean. Now it's time to get some sleep. Getting a sound sleep has become an achievement since some time. If i get it, i feel like i have run a marathon or more suitably, sleep-a-thon. But i'll do something different tomorrow and will jot down here. If you too do the same and are caring enough, share with me here in the comment box. Would love to see how your day has passed by. Till then, keep thinking keep writing keep dreaming.


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