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The tiny blabbering

at ten at night the heart falls for the bygone; was it a wind that blew away? Or was it a firefly used to be  illuminating the whole day? whatever it was, it is not here anymore, and i sit with sad eyes, curved down lips sinking heart, like a heavy ship; you may as well roll your eyes at some of the things i say; i apologize for this tiny blabbering because that's about it for today!

The naivety of routine happiness

Morning comes turns into mid day, quickly slips into dusk and soon it becomes night time. How each day passes away, it needs some observation. The whole routine is changed and has thrown off-track. Although it is a necessity albeit it brings about a silent stirring that demands to be done something about it.
First there is not much time and when there is some, the absence of concentration gobbles it down. You can't just sit and start focusing on writing. Writing! yes. That's what i have been missing these days so immensely, so deeply. Have a long way to go, have to write so many books and achieve the dream i dream about everyday. The journey has started off on a good note but somehow there are potholes barring ways. i don't mind struggling with them; i don't stop when they try to haunt. i just keep up with the pace, slow or fast, depends upon the state of mind and the circumstances but i prefer to keep going. For some, the journey to their dream destination starts off…

The wailing baby

How long it has been for you to hold a month old crying baby girl and make her asleep by gentle talking, crooning and tiptoed walking?
The experience is really sweet and heart warming.
These days, i am at my native taking care of my sick mother and sleeping with my sister at nights and helping her nurse her one month old baby girl. The little one is cute beyond expressions. Though she has names yet i call her pomegranate. Her little soft cheeks are plump and she literally resembles a round red pomegranate. i enjoy being with my sister and her little baby. 
i am writing this post in very odd hours because i have just made the baby asleep. First, she drank milk like she was never fed earlier and this bottle was her last chance at survival. Yeah, babies make you look like a worst parent. Anyway, she drank the milk with Buddha sort of expressions on face but did not hesitate to spill some out during the process of burping. Another sign of being a bad caretaker. It's their fault they …

Should you change in relationships?

And why would you change? To please the other person? To turn an unfavorable situation in favor? Just because what you think is anti to what the society thinks? What others would say? How would you be treated afterwards for speaking the truth, for being you? Just because ten people are doing this thing and you are the only one following the less trodden path so you should abide by it too?
If you are not causing harm, please do not change. 
You know, being original is the best gift you can give yourself? This has been repeated for millionth of times but let it be for once more. Good thoughts always have an audience. When you don't change and stay who you are, you learn to identify your own personality. You learn a few traits, a few ups and downs of your nature, you focus on how did you overcome the last failure and how not to overwhelm the recent success. When you try to mock others, the process of understanding yourself gets complicated. i guess compromised is the better word…

Forget and forgive

"i want to ask you one thing, pitaji. Given the fact that life is full of challenges, specially considering the present situation that's going on, how can you manage to stay practical and not get swayed away by the wrong doings of others'? How do you stay so calm and talk only what's needed and not hurl accusations like them?"
My father looked up at me from his dinner plate and started talking. 
"If i have learnt anything in my life then it'd be to forget and forgive. It is very much required for the peace of mind. i'll give you an example of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was South Africa's first black president and was a highly influential leader. He too had fought for his country's freedom. 
When he was in jail, the appointed jailer had tortured him in every possible way. Be it mentally or physically, Mandela was tortured on a high degree but when he became the president, he summoned the same jailer and honored him. When his friends asked…

Learn to cherish little things

i sat down 30 minutes ago to paint my nails so that when i wake up tomorrow, i can find some morning happiness upon seeing my beautiful hands. It's the one little thing that i did today to feel like a princess tomorrow. 
The colors adorning my nails are orange gel nail lacquer and glazed green painted asymmetrically. The combo is quite pleasing. How much little things matter, you see. You don't need a big car or fat salary to please yourself. The real happiness lies in looking for and doing little things such as eating ice-cream at night, reading book while brewing tea, a 2 minute chat with the bestie, looking fondly at one photograph, standing in the balcony gazing out at the night sky, sipping filter coffee in Bangalore's chilly weather, or painting nails. These little things happen so secretly that you often fail to even realize that they are happening and that you are pleased. You forget to be thankful too. This evening when my husband suggested to go out and have tea…

A beauty unparalleled

The lust for seclusion is luscious  the allure is irresistible but let's not get lost in its depth for there is more to this world; the beauty of this nature and the beautiful sky look at them with fresh eyes let the coin flip and smile for once the world can't move on until it's done; withdraw to your surroundings  allow the stubbornness to melt away close your eyes, think of a bird assume it is you, a beauty unparalleled;  stop worrying and start flying take the world say a big Hi for it is yours, to win, to lose to embrace, to refuse; get up from the chair and feel the wind caressing your face, kissing your lips eyes may look beyond the horizon but let's not give the latter a competition come back! to your body, to your self breathe! if not for someone else; life is gonna hand over a platter 69 of challenges eat'em all while cherishing your whisky pegs; if everything around goes crazy, makes no sense show'em all that you are crazier, the one with lot of sen…