Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What a perfect life would be like?

Perfection - that's what our goal is. If you think for a minute, you will realize that every task we do, it is done basically in order to achieve perfection. Despite of being aware of the fact that human being will always remain flawed, the chase for perfection never ends.

But what if life becomes perfect? What will happen if every single wish of yours turns in reality? It'd be great, that'll probably be your first reaction. And why not? Life will certainly be great.

But for how long? Everything comes with an expiry date, isn't it? So perfection too will be no exception (and that rhymes). What i think if life becomes perfect, it'll be wonderful, yes for sometime but gradually the perfection will begin to garner boredom and monotony. i will stay happy all the time and that'd make me forget what sadness is and thus, i'll gradually lose out on the value of happiness; i will not do any work because i'll be rich (who doesn't want to travel?). It'll result in taking money for granted and thus, ignoring morals such as compassion and care. 

i don't feel like stressing over what a perfect life would look like much but i feel it will certainly be a chaos. And if something can lead to chaos, that could not be called perfection. So the final verdict here is, that perfection is a mythical concept, a mirage built only to keep us all working day and night.

Now it is like coming back to where we had started - imperfection. Now this is real, this is what required. Imperfection leads to discipline and order and efforts; it asks for emotions; it offers us our originality while keeps demanding to work on dreams and goals. Largely and squarely, imperfection is essential to be. Imperfection is alright to achieve. It brings people together. It knits relationship in a close bonding. It also develops understanding between different races, religions, and castes. 

'i am not so beautiful. '

'So what? Look at me! i got an ugly rhinoplasty done. Ergh!' 


'i lost my dream job.'

'It still is better. i don't even have a dream job!'

See what i mean? Imperfection actually works as a leveler, an equalizer. It brings egos down to a certain but same level and allows people to converse, to mingle and find relief in others' flaws. And it is perfectly alright. Once you become - what it is called, perfect? - once you become perfect, you will grow distant because you'll have everything that you need - love, care, money, assets, dream job, beautiful skin, perfect kids, the best life - and then you will not need anyone. And how would that work in favor? Human needs another human. And if one need exists, there will be no place for perfection. Only imperfections allow needs and desires. Perfection would have everything.

So i think, before i retire for the day, none of us needs perfection. It is, in fact, good to be imperfect, good to fail at times, good to cry, good to miss the bull's eye on the dart board, good to find nothing interesting on TV, good to fall and even good to find no publisher for your story. This way, at least, you will keep trying, keep working to understand what's achievable. 

The lot sure makes life a challenge to lead but here is the catch. Imperfection gives you the chance to stand taller and perform better than the rest. It seeks for your satisfaction and glory, and soothes the discomfort and misery. And if it is looking after us so tenderly day and night then why not side with it? An imperfect life is fairly achievable while the make over rests entirely up to you.

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