Thursday, 3 August 2017

The kid's secret

People say, parents should spend some time with kids. In my case, it's reverse though. i keep askin' my kid to spend time with me but he gently refuses to do so. Reason? i could tell you if there was one. There are plenty! Clash of clans, friends, Shin Chan, Pokemon, newly bought iron man toy, board games...list is a little more longer but let's give the jury rest here.

So this evening when i went to the kitchen for some oats and cheese sandwich, i asked him to help me. After all, it was our dinner. He was supposed to help me, right? So i made him shut down his Clash of Clan and gently coaxed to not to switch to TV as well. i simply wanted to sit and talk to him, to know about his day. So this officer finally got successful in getting the kid down on the table. As we ate, i asked him about his day, routine, any new thing happened...anything that could tie him up on the table for as long as it was possible. Food should not always be the prime reason to sniff around parents.

He indeed was settled and told me about his day. i asked about his group in the school. The tiny version of what unfolded next is narrated below. Let's call his friend in the focus here 'N', okay?

Son: Today N shared one of his secrets with me.

i (munching, amused, thinking): Okay. That's good.

Boys and girls around this age are primarily pretty secretive about their secrets. i didn't bother to ask knowing he wouldn't tell me.

Son: Do you want to know?

Do you want a pot of gold? Yes, please.

i (smiling): Sure.

Son: N has a crush on a girl.

Trust me! i wanted to laugh louder than you just did but i did not dare fearing that might trigger my son to drop the details. Gold with gems are always welcome.

Son: The girl too has a crush on him.

i: How do you know she too has a crush on N?

Son: Because one of my friends act as a messenger between them. What N says, he passes that along to the girl and what she has to say in return, he passes that along too to N.

Boy! i wanted to guffaw at this but refrained. Let's not allow the kid to think whether it was the right move to tell his friend's secret to his mother. Then the conversation rolled onto other interesting things but i mentioned here the most fun part.

As i write this narrative, i am smiling thinking about N and his crush. It reminds me of mine. It had happened when i was in 6th std. Hey! My kid too is in the same grade right now but i can chill. He does not have any crush. How do i know? After N's story, this happened:

i: So? You too have got any girl to crush on?

Son: Nah! Never!

Happy mother!

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