Friday, 4 August 2017

'i love my pilot frindle'

If you have read Andrew Clements then you know what i am talkin' about with the title. But if you haven't, fret not. i will do the charity at will and spread the awareness.

Frindle - that's the name of the book written by Andrew Clements. It's a wonderful book. After a long time, i chose a kiddie read and Clements delivered a light-hearted but a thoughtfully stretched idea. Nick alias Nicholas Allan is a fifth grader and of course, a trouble-maker of the class. His bulb of ideas hardly ever dims. In order to irritate his Arts teacher, Mrs. Granger, Nick starts to fiddle with words and that's how he created the word - Frindle - as in pen. He starts using Frindle instead of Pen and slowly he worked it out enough in alliance with friends and other school mates to first scandalize it and then popularize it. And then how things roll forward, that's an interesting read. 

My parents had given us a visit last year January. My father had bought a pilot pen with him. Now pilot pen is an object attached with my childhood memories. i used to be a big fan of pilot pen. Back then, it was not only just a pen. Instead, it used to be a sophisticated object to carry; a privilege to write from it. Not that i could not afford it. My stationary box usually had the most number of pens. Say, 5-6 or sometimes more. i was very fond of having different pens but pilot pen stood tall in the herd. So when my father brought it to my home, i was instantly taken back to my little innocent years so much so that i demanded it from him. Being a father, he gave it to me at the same moment. Now i maintain my club diary with this pen only and never ever allow anyone else to even touch it. It is The pilot pen, you see.

Now coming back to the book, it is creative. Idea, i mean. How the author has picked up on the words' origin and woven a story, it is worth time spending. Through Nick and Mrs. Granger, we get to have the glimpse of the origin of few words such as Pen and QuizQuiz is actually the only word in English that has been created without a purpose. Pen is derived from the Greek word (if i remember it correctly from the book) - Pinna. We learn a few more things, yes but moreover, we learn about determination. Nick's determination brought the world to finally refer a pen as frindle

Now you know what i mean with the blog title here. i love my pilot ____ . Exactly! 

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