Sunday, 6 August 2017

Chaos on the blank

i need to fix myself some milk first. So let me get a warm glass. Will be back in a jiffy.

So where was i? O yes. On the same portion of my sofa, reclining over the same big cushion. The only difference is, the need of a glass of warm milk is now satiated. You know, milk actually helps with cravings. Not that i am having one but it's just a fact nudging me gently to be put forward. Not only milk but banana and eggs also do the same thing. If you are over-stressed or craving for something unhealthy, have either of the three. The craving will noticeably go down and you get some time before the next binge.

Now is the time to have some spiritual talk, if you aren't feeling sleepy already. Have you ever thought about The Purpose of Living? Why we live when death is inevitable? Why struggle with everything? When did we stop living and start surviving? How do we differentiate maturity or silliness? Because what's silly for me can be maturity for you. And vice versa. We all have the similar material called 'skin' but still we differ, right? Why nights are assigned for the act of sleep and days are dedicated to the task of jaywalking? 

But moreover, is there a purpose of all this? The struggle, the sleep, jaywalking, laughing, loving, fighting with each other...what lies beyond all this? 

The whole concept of life sounds like a chaos. You get up early, the morning goes through in a blink, comes the noon with lazy strides, evenings with warm cup of tea and homework and other tasks, then shows up the night...ta da! Your day has come to an end. i am here once again. The chaos comes to a pause.

The perpetual process of day and night actually seems like eternity is jogging away its routine. It too looks like it has no purpose. The big brainy people have coined the timeless zone Eternity and now we all try and search some meaning into it. You keep going on and on and on with a magnifying glass in one hand and the other hand clearing away the hurdles. We live the whole chaos but if you sit and think, this whole chaos will be found mingled with the blank. Like oil and water. They stay together with oil particles trying to occupy as much space as possible but no matter how hard it tries, it can never become the part of water. Water stays as blank, denying the mingling, refusing the chaos. It just wants to stay true to its nature - calm, clear and balance. 

Oil has the ability to corrupt its clarity though and thus, water appears now something different but it struggles to keep its other virtues in place, tightening its molecules, knitting them together to protest against oil. Although water has a legitimate fight going on, oil will never de-tangle itself. It will stay there. The chaos do not leave however pure the blank's defense against it is.

So what's the point of oil and water staying together? What's the point of living and not knowing the purpose of life? What's the point of chaos when blank can never get rid of it? 

The more i think, the more i get tangled. More Qs. surfaces and mingle with other thoughts. You live because you have no choice. You live because getting a break from it is not possible (regardless of how much you need it). You continue doing your job because that's the way routine is and there is hidden balance of life in routine. You live because, well, heart is still functioning well. 

So even if the whole chaos is going on with full speed, it's better to not to lose sight of your own unique blank. Stick to it. The task may not be easy but may be one day, those slimy particles will disappear and you will finally rest in some peace. May be that's the purpose of daily struggles. 

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