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We are One - skit by Kids

This Ganesha Chaturthi, i had designed a skit with eight kids titled as - We are One. The theme is to remind us once again of the fact that despite of all the differences when it comes to protect our nation, we unite, we become one. My kid in white kurta pajama has played the role of a stone that gets carved by various religions. He did splendid by holding his position so well through out the skit. Other kids who have represented other religions and the little girl who has enacted as Bharat Mata have done amazing! We received so many compliments and encouragements once the skit was over. i am glad the effort and hard work paid off so generously. 
It was the first time that i was onto design something. i have been part of various shows in my school time but never had the opportunity to direct one. This was my chance and no sooner did i start practicing with kids than i realized it was a humongous task. i mean, kids are so full of energy even though being awake since early morning for …

The special magic.

i was reading Coelho's book a few months ago. i guess it was Brida. There is a sentence in it that had caught my attention and still lingers in my thoughts till to this date. i don't remember the exact words but i can paraphrase it for sure.

The special magic is not in considering yourself special. It lies in when you think you are as ordinary as others.

So true, so genuine, such a clean mirror of human tendency.

The purpose of mentioning it here is, that i felt connected to it and yesterday i happened to convey it to one of my apartment friends (and also because, you can't finish Coelho without being impressed and certain oohs and aahs at many points. His writing is simply brilliant!).

Ganesha Chaturthi is falling this weekend and our society is celebrating it for three days. Needless to say, it is going to be grand. Talented people have been pitched in, rituals, food, water, cutlery etc. are being take care of, decoration team is fervently going back and through ideas (i…

What a perfect life would be like?

Perfection - that's what our goal is. If you think for a minute, you will realize that every task we do, it is done basically in order to achieve perfection. Despite of being aware of the fact that human being will always remain flawed, the chase for perfection never ends.
But what if life becomes perfect? What will happen if every single wish of yours turns in reality? It'd be great, that'll probably be your first reaction. And why not? Life will certainly be great.
But for how long? Everything comes with an expiry date, isn't it? So perfection too will be no exception (and that rhymes). What i think if life becomes perfect, it'll be wonderful, yes for sometime but gradually the perfection will begin to garner boredom and monotony. i will stay happy all the time and that'd make me forget what sadness is and thus, i'll gradually lose out on the value of happiness; i will not do any work because i'll be rich (who doesn't want to travel?). It'll …

The way i am.

Wish i could be pollen grains
embraced by soft petals,
wish i could be those tiny stars
tucked in the womb of nights,
wish i could be the heat
originating from the sun,
wish i could be anything
but just not the way i am;

Wish i could be the warmth
borne within curled fingers,
wish i could be the beautiful sight
which eyes see and lips smile at,
wish i could be the innocent laughter
of the little girl that i like so much,
wish i could be anything
but just not the way i am;

Wish i were a meteor
with a life span of two seconds,
wish i could be a sneeze
gone as soon as it comes,
wish i could be a lazy yawn
the ending of a peaceful sleep,
wish i could be anything
but just not the way i am;

Wish i could be the smile
making a sad heart alive,
wish i could be the silence
when words fail to make a sentence,
wish i could be the eraser
restructuring the destroyed,
wish i could be anything
but just not the way i am;

Chaos on the blank

i need to fix myself some milk first. So let me get a warm glass. Will be back in a jiffy.
So where was i? O yes. On the same portion of my sofa, reclining over the same big cushion. The only difference is, the need of a glass of warm milk is now satiated. You know, milk actually helps with cravings. Not that i am having one but it's just a fact nudging me gently to be put forward. Not only milk but banana and eggs also do the same thing. If you are over-stressed or craving for something unhealthy, have either of the three. The craving will noticeably go down and you get some time before the next binge.
Now is the time to have some spiritual talk, if you aren't feeling sleepy already. Have you ever thought about The Purpose of Living? Why we live when death is inevitable? Why struggle with everything? When did we stop living and start surviving? How do we differentiate maturity or silliness? Because what's silly for me can be maturity for you. And vice versa. We all have …

'i love my pilot frindle'

If you have read Andrew Clements then you know what i am talkin' about with the title. But if you haven't, fret not. i will do the charity at will and spread the awareness.
Frindle - that's the name of the book written by Andrew Clements. It's a wonderful book. After a long time, i chose a kiddie read and Clements delivered a light-hearted but a thoughtfully stretched idea. Nick alias Nicholas Allan is a fifth grader and of course, a trouble-maker of the class. His bulb of ideas hardly ever dims. In order to irritate his Arts teacher, Mrs. Granger, Nick starts to fiddle with words and that's how he created the word - Frindle - as in pen. He starts using Frindle instead of Pen and slowly he worked it out enough in alliance with friends and other school mates to first scandalize it and then popularize it. And then how things roll forward, that's an interesting read. 
My parents had given us a visit last year January. My father had bought a pilot pen with him. Now…

The kid's secret

People say, parents should spend some time with kids. In my case, it's reverse though. i keep askin' my kid to spend time with me but he gently refuses to do so. Reason? i could tell you if there was one. There are plenty! Clash of clans, friends, Shin Chan, Pokemon, newly bought iron man toy, board games...list is a little more longer but let's give the jury rest here.

So this evening when i went to the kitchen for some oats and cheese sandwich, i asked him to help me. After all, it was our dinner. He was supposed to help me, right? So i made him shut down his Clash of Clan and gently coaxed to not to switch to TV as well. i simply wanted to sit and talk to him, to know about his day. So this officer finally got successful in getting the kid down on the table. As we ate, i asked him about his day, routine, any new thing happened...anything that could tie him up on the table for as long as it was possible. Food should not always be the prime reason to sniff around parents…