Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The process called writing.

Assuming you too like to write, what'd be your answer if i ask - Why do you write? For me, i'll say - Because i don't know how to survive otherwise. 

That's not exaggeration and certainly not a lie. Not even an effort to rhyme the Q. and Ans. i really don't know how'd i manage living if i didn't know how to be expressive through words and symbols. It's just not my novels only where i write. There are several other platforms where i get the golden chance to express the desired. For example - my blogs, FB pages, poetry, occasional doodling, creating lay outs for each month for my book club, preparing speeches and award functions' content for my father (the ex-president of Rotary club). i prefer my WA statuses too to be creative. It's actually more of a boon than a curse being a writer. The natural ability makes you feel different, do things differently, think differently. That is why people often say - writers belong to a different world. 

There is also one more thing. Writers are basically the same, more or less. If you are a writer and interacting with one, it'll be like facing a mirror. A few virtues here a few loopholes there...it's all the same. Writing actually works as an equalizer. It exists regardless of age, gender, religion, color, species and even planets. If you belong to, say Jupiter or Neptune, you will still be a bit similar to the one existing on Earth. If you love to write, you just have to write. There is no other option, no other way out, no substitute. Sit and write. That's all it takes.

Writing is healing. How? i'll give you a literal example. Few days ago, in the newspaper there was a mention of one significant research in some different country. Research done on Cancer patients. In the first group, they allowed the patients to pen down their feelings and thoughts before the treatment while the second group was given no such chance. Later on, the first group responded better to the treatment and their healing sped up too! The second group? Well, i don't need to say much. They showed no such improvement in terms of faster response.

When you write, the memories, the thoughts, the churning of brain slides down in the muscles and then get on the paper in the form of words, symbols and pictures. Ever heard a term called Muscle Memory? MM comes into view when you perform a particular thing with much ease. You just perform the task without bothering your brain much. Like when i play my Guitar, for certain strumming patterns or tabs, i don't have to pause and think. My fingers just move on the fret board effortlessly. The pick in my hand just goes up and down across the strings in a well practiced rhythmic pattern. i don't have to think on which string should i put my next finger or how to match the strumming according to the next para. i just play and the instrument responds positively. This, the effortless way of performing a task, happens because of MM. You just know the next step and things go forward, smoothly and in a rhythm.

Writing is just like that. When you sit and write, muscles warm up and thoughts just slide from your brain down to the hands and then to the fingers and the words appear just like that. Because you are well practiced of how to say a particular feeling, how to write about a certain experience, where to say what and whom to say where. This process of writing is soothing, much like the mixture of honey and nutmeg...pure and anti-bacterial. Writing won't allow negative sentiments to stay for longer. It calms, stills, nourishes even the deepest parts of your being...parts you didn't know existed, parts you still don't know exist. Writing is that kind of a torch that enlightens what's need to be enlightened. You just need to see and accept it. 

Writers are also impulsive. Ask me. i am one. One moment, i am working on the scene, the next you'll find me staring out at nowhere and thinking far away from the concerned scene. Or may be i'll dial up my mother and talk. Or, i'll just sit, diving into some memories. i may also make some coffee and sit in my balcony, feel the warmth or chill of the weather. While writing sure gives stability, it also allows the freedom. You are no longer tied into a chain of time slot (unless your editor is breathing down your neck). You can write, design, look away, think, get up, pace the space up and down, talk on phone, feel guilty and then you get back to thinking, design, look away, write...and the cycle goes on in so many different forms. Same steps but a different order every time. But it's interesting, invigorating. Because whatever you do, you feel it. The silence of the surroundings, the peacefulness of house, the desired isolation, the waiting of your characters, the anxiety of completion, the plethora of thoughts...all the necessary steps are there for a perfect landing. You just need to make an effective pie chart and that'd be it. A complete picture of your favorite hobby.

Somehow i feel i can't stop talkin' today. Writing also makes you talkative. In order to write, you have to speak up inside your mind and while the lips stay tight shut, feelings get expressed, emotions drawn in words and sentences, hopes and dreams woven in a special pattern, failures and disappointments stitched intricately. Yes. This all and many more gets into the process of writing, process called writing. You don't need to be a wizard of words to do it. Just pick a pen or laptop, find a blank space and just write. A writer will automatically born inside you.

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