Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The power of acceptance.

After thinking for ten consecutive minutes, i don't know how to start today. So let's just begin with me saying - i am a dreamer. i believe in dreams. And with dreams this time, i mean the ones that come during sleep time.

So last night i dreamed i have dandruff in my hair. i was combing and appalled to see the heap of dust continued to gather on the floor. i was worried, of course as i don't have dandruff. i was thinking how much dandruff do i have? It's horrible! 

Then i woke up. The dream continued to haunt me. i don't have dandruff but since i believe that certain dreams choose a way to tell the dreamer a specific something, to indicate a meaning in particular, i tapped on my favorite dream app that i have been using since a long time and had it downloaded on my mobile a couple of days back. And i was right. The dream did symbolize something that i could relate so damn well. And no. It did not say i may have dandruff. So i am a dreamer and a believer. 

Stress, load, worries...these actually say that your life is going well. After all, what it would be like if none of these were there? You can not possibly stay happy and positive all the time, can you? You have to have the gravity pulling you down at times. That's only fair being human (and) wise. But when one of these gets too much, you just fail to think or start over-thinking and don't know what to do, what possibly can be done to change what's gone and what's done. Things can be so confusing and the mixed bag of emotions can be too consuming at the moment. The load wasn't too much initially but somehow you got successful turning it into an over-load.

Re-direct your energy. Stop thinking too much. Acceptance. i could actually write these 3 as pointers and preach individually but i wouldn't like the format. i like plain simple free-flowing conversations. No embellishments, ornamental dialogues, or make-shift personality. So take the mentioned three pointers in reverse order. Accept the fact that what's done is done and can not be changed. 

Now stop fretting too much over it. At least, it'd be wise to not to behave like the obsessive step-mother of Rapunzel. Not all the time you are the focus. There are other things too worth your attention. 

And finally, invest your energy into making something meaningful out of your misery. It'll help you the next time. Tough, yes but that's where lies all the fun. Until you are challenged how do you think a legend can born out of you?

There are moments when people see you smiling, laughing, taking part in the activities with so much of enthusiasm but what they don't see is that there are hidden pockets in each moment. You can be happy and sad both at the same time. You can laugh and cry together too. You can want and not-wish in a pair. You can change but stay still. You can ask and stay mum. You can even talk without any movement of lips. You can curse and still give yourself a hug; the person collected in a dot, wrapped in a curl, lost in the bygone. i feel philosophical by the way.  

You go about your day and then you sleep and dream about having dandruff. And then you know that the direction you are heading in to is wrong; the chosen way of approaching life is a big no no. Your dream actually tells you to rejuvenate yourself by getting rid of the excess baggage. Life is not as complicated as it looks. It can be light, and warm too. All you need to do is to...accept. Once you do it, the churning of brain, heart and other organs stop. The pain, the agony drops down to safe levels. And once it happens, you feel good. Like a balanced soul. The way legends feel. 

So yes. That's what i had to say for this evening. Believe in your dreams that you see during sleep. Some of them carry meanings that can open hidden doors of realities. Dreams help you to understand how you are leading the life. Like when you dream you are driving a car (whether you know how-to-drive in real), the car symbolizes how you are carrying yourself in real life. And the way you are driving in the dream can speak a lot about how you are handling your life in real. Water symbolizes emotions. If you are eating in dream, it may mean you are in the need of nutrition. Your body and soul, both may want some good things.

Once i saw i am being honored in the Hall of Fame. My family is there with me too. i still cherish this specific dream. The entire dream may speak of my desires and ambitions but it can also be a way to soothe the restless soul. Dreams also offer soothing and peace by letting/allowing you to have those things virtually that you often want in real life. This way, you feel complete in a way, satisfied somewhere. Dreaming is therapeutic. You just need to believe in them. 

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