Monday, 3 July 2017

The night of passionate debate

There was a pleasant nip in the night air. In fact, it wasn't air at all! It was wind...chilly and crisp - typical Yercaud seasonal weather. We - me with my husband and a family of three (mother, father and the son) - were enjoying  the lit fire pit after sumptuous dinner at the hotel. They kept talking while i sat warming my hands around the fire, listening to them talking about data analysis, Bangalore in favor of analysts, doctors and their lives (both the parents were doctors) and many things. Since it was my first official fire pit experience in a traditional way, i chose silence and listened to others, rarely offering my comments. Such as when my husband said during some explanation that human beings are the most intelligent species on the earth. i interrupted and said, no. It's not true. We are not the most intelligent. A light discussion crackled on this and after searching, i found it's Dolphins. They are the most intelligent species. it was nice to have the complete knowledge. i fell silent again as the conversation picked up from where it was interrupted. 

Once again, somewhere in the discussion, my husband said (in order to explain a point) that, we are all leading to destruction. The online data getting collected on the daily basis is massive! And we humans are lagging way behind to tackle the number of problems. Our speed to finding solutions is way too low. This way, it can easily be said we are heading to destruction. (He said it in a harmless way and if you think data wise, he is right!)

Now when i am at home writing this blog post, i am thinking whether should i have shut up at that point and allowed the conversation to go on, because my interruption caused a diversion and a well dug one, i must tell you and continued until the night wore on, the fire in the pit was put off naturally. But since freedom of speech breaths in the air, i believe it was right to voice out my opinion and it was probably because of that we all five got interestingly engaged in a much stronger conversation.
My opinion on my husband's aforementioned comment was - no. i don't think so. We are not leading to destruction. i don't believe it. If there are bigger difficulties, human minds get challenged and that's where the survival of the fittest comes into the view.

If i could capture all the cracklings of our discussions, i'd have returned with a big mason jar filled with many fascinating pointers. In fact, the conversation had soon turned out into a debate with me on one side and the rest four - my husband, the two doctor parents and their son - on the other. While i kept insisting on the point that we are not leading to destruction entirely, my opposition was quite adamant on doing my encounter with numbers of logic. i remember, i had to race my brain twice thinking what to say in return of this, or that! Let me clear one thing. It was a light and a very healthy debate. Nothing serious, no harsh feelings or accusations. We all were adults (still are by the way) and we did it in a mature way. However, i can not say there was no raised voice. It was me with the higher pitch but only because my voice catches on a higher level during a conversation and especially during a debate, the likes that was going on in Yercaud and also because i am my father's daughter and his voice is bold enough to keep the entire town awake. The rest were thankfully soft spoken or else the hotel manager would have gently requested us to go to our rooms.

It was i guess 11.30 of the night when we decided to draw the curtain to the debate and allowed one another to retire to the rooms. The fire in the pit was also preparing itself to sleep. There wasn't much left, only hot blazing wood pieces, not much of a flame in sight.

It was my first experience with a proper fire pit with benches enclosing it in a circle but the kind of debate happened along with it, that made my first experience pretty interesting and unforgettable. It was as if the night was not only guarded by the warmth of fire but also with our passion to keep the discussion alive. The recent night in Yercaud sure has given me one of the best memories.

BTW, below is me perched on a stone seat, dressed in night suit and secured with a long woolen jacket. That's me before the debate started.

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