Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The guy at the till

So this evening i finally stopped working everything else and started my car. The grocery shopping had turned from a necessity to a big urgency. Fridge was gone all empty. When i reached to my usual grocery store which houses everything, starting from fruits and veggies to cosmetics and biscuits, i found some of the things i needed was out of stock. Finally when i made it to the till, i found there was a guy about 5.8" tall, fair complexion, dressed as a corporate. He looked exhausted but still manageable in public. While my trolley was filled with fruits, veggies, milk and egg cartons etc., his' was empty. In fact, he didn't have any trolley with him. He just placed four packets of ready made parathas (Indian breads) on the till and took it away once the billing was done. It wasn't hard to guess he either lives alone or his wife is out of station and he does not know how to cook, if he is married at all.

i usually don't pay this much attention to the people before me standing and waiting by the tills. i just focus on my trolley and that's pretty much i do while waiting for my turn but this guy today actually had my fleeting attention. Somewhere i felt bad for him for he can't afford home made food and has to rely on preservatives infused market based items. You could totally feel he was hungry and the moment he'd reach to his apartment, he would tear open the packet, take out parathas and heat it on the tava for a minute (as per the directions written on the pack) and then have it with probably market based just-heat-it-in-the-oven sabjis (MTR range types) while watching television or something on mobile. i'd rather prefer while reading a book. The latter is better and makes me happier. Anyone with a book looks good, after all. i felt bad for him, and also thought, it;d be so great if men learned cooking. This way, they would not have to rely on Maggi or such ready made staples. My father and brother both do not know how to cook but since we have been living in a joint family since the beginning, there is always someone who knows how to turn on the stove knob and make tea. Neither of them had to bother about cooking even for a single meal at any day. They get lucky in the department.

i think men should cook, or at least, learn to cook. It makes life so much easier. i am not judging that guy on the till but the moment has just evoked a sentiment, an understanding towards men species. If they know how to cook, 4 things will happen:

1. Mother will be happy
2. Life will be much more than just two bricks of Maggi
3. Independence when Madam Wife is out of town
4. More confidence as life is always about survival for the fittest

Cooking is a skill, an art if done with precision and care. And so far, i have experienced that men usually cook better than women. My mother, however, is an exception here. She is the best cook of all time for me. Cooking is no more solely a woman's job. More men these days are picking up jobs as home stay dads and while they take care of the house, their wives are out in the world striking deals and fighting in the cut throat competition. The coin has flipped long back. Cooking, cleaning house, fixing laundry, taking care of the baby, paying bills, welcoming untimely relatives and making tea for them...these household chores doing by men are no more frowned upon. In fact, when males do such jobs, they get so many compliments, so much so that women start to feel envious. i took care of the baby for three damn years and he did it just for one...ONE DAY...and he received so much applause from everyone. i never got around even a single compliment. Or, something strikingly similar to that.

i don't mean to hurt anyone's sentiment here. i am just saying that if women can do manly jobs, men too can handle women's. and if they do their jobs nicely, companies would never be able to put ready made staple food on the shelves and we could very well be saved from eating them. 

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