Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Have a walk, have an idea.

You no need a KitKat to have a break. You no need a specific sim card to have an idea. Have a walk and you can have both of them.

This evening i thought to have a break (i sound as if i am the busiest person on earth, eh!) and go downstairs with my Kindle. Usually there are people strolling, talking, spending some quality evening time with neighborhood friends. It's not that i don't have a friend. i have. Many. But today i preferred the best one to be with. As i settled on the side pavement, i found it's actually tricky to read in public, when people are around. i needed some fresh air and a different ambiance. Walls of my home, i feel, have started to stare me back. A perfect revenge in exchange of doing the same with them. Anyway, i pulled the dose of my concentration high and once the world around was put on snooze, reading became better.

After about 45 mins of deep-Kindle diving, i took another break from the humming environment and went upstairs, on the terrace where peace was guaranteed. i read a few pages but stopped just at the beginning of the next chapter. i looked up, at the sky, those smoky clouds, the illuminating know the description of a cloudy evening. i got up and strolled for sometime and it was only somewhere between these steps, ruffled in the sheets of wind, carried along with invisible pollen grains that something struck me almost gently. It was the end for one of my stories. You really expected an author to stick to just one story at any given time? Authors are all the time on feet (in their head), on the constant hunt for more. When The End, the kind i wanted, was figured out, i actually smiled. i wasn't even thinking about that future story! It's basically in its first quarter stage. And then i had stopped thinking more about it. Somehow finding the perfect end was growing as elusive for me as finding Nemo for his parents. But now i have. My End. The End. And i am happy. Much like Nemo's parents when they found him.

i kept strolling nonetheless, processing just out of a brief walking, i got such nice idea. So wonderful! Nature is so inspiring sometimes! It gives you gifts out of nowhere, when you least expect it. Now i have a good reason to not to stare at my walls. Settlement of a peace treaty it is! 

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