Sunday, 9 July 2017

Going back to the roots/my latest Guitar performance

In this era of fast developing technology and the desperation of creating ways for better communication, human kind has sure come a long way. i hold my new phone with these amazing features and solid infra structure built within, it feels like i have taken a big leap. Talking about its 6 GB RAM and 64 GB memory, it simply sweeps me off my feet. i know. There are much bigger inventions being done these days but i am sticking to a simple example. Because humans may have evolved drastically but it only understands simple things said in a simple language.

Having said that, my friend with that frown on your face, i intend to share a very simple thought. Often i feel like going to places alone and sit there and write, just write, and play my Guitar. When i see those beautiful HD wallpapers of nature's beauty, i tempt to enter directly into the screen, in those stunning landscapes and stay there. Here i am talking as a writer and a musician. As an artist. To live your art, you have to stay aloof in order to find more of yourself, to discover more of your abilities, to unchain inhibitions. i often hear people saying how much they could just use a sight of their old home or grand mother. Some even say they'd give anything to be a child once again and play with marbles and wooden sticks with friends. i often wish to lie under the sheet of a perfectly starlit sky and gaze at it for as long as it is possible. A cup of chai, old books and photo albums, clear blue sky, music, the sound of ocean waves making way through the hotel room, the creaking of shoes made when embarking a boat, homemade food, ink pens, handwritten letters, fancy lanterns, trips to village, dairy farm, and places with the abundance of nature beauty, mutkas (earthen pots used to store water), planetariums, gardens...all these say that no matter where we go, we will always come to our roots, the place from where we started.

During the recent trip to Yercaud, a place laden heavily with nature and its serene beauty, i told my husband that despite of the length and magnitude of latest technology and discoveries, we human will always go back to our roots. In fact, we are creating new inventions just so that we can go back where we belong. He asked and i explained. And it's true! i have never ever heard anyone wishing to lie down under a sky made of tweets and FB posts. No one has ever committed that they'd like to have gadgets and new cars as their family and friends. i'd never prefer drones and satellites over fireflies and butterflies. i would never want to keep staring at the highest building (Burj Khalifa it is, as far as my knowledge takes me) forever. Would you like to? 

We go to the zoo to watch animals. We plant trees to have the nature around. We drink water more than anything else. We enjoy rowing boats. We enjoy meeting in person more than connecting over phone. We crave for Mom's dishes. We love wearing traditional outfits and feel proud in it. We are also growing in terms of choosing places that have more of natural beauty such as greenery, mountains, snow, hill tops, sunshine, falling of leaves, rainbows, floating bleeding-from-the-sky clouds, spectacular view of sun rising and the star-studded sky at nights have to offer. i know because i still relish the recent memories spent at Yercaud. The resort was heavily laden with nature and it has little badminton space, two swings, a fire pit, many flower and veggie beds, coffee plants to look at. i enjoyed fire pit the most because it was a traditional set up. 

Skipping back to years when i was in Paris during Europe trip, i remember our guide had taken all of us at one church situated at the highest peak of the city. From there, i saw the whole Paris and it was spectacular! The only thing missing was - Plants and trees. No nature. Just choc-a-bloc of buildings and more buildings. If nature isn't important, none of us would have missed it there. i remember because i was thinking  - What a shame! A beautiful city but devoid of the most basic beauty. 

We also miss old grand ma's stories. Gadgets can't give you that. We love tasting freshly plucked guavas and mangoes more than their Tropicana and Real versions. Swimming in the small river behind dada ji's (grand father's) home is way more enjoyable than diving in the pool of a well equipped society/club. Playing Kho Kho or Chor-Sipahi games are still more fun than Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. Singing with sibling still looks enticing, more than doing it on karaoke. Look for examples and you will still be picking them from the globe of memories at the end of the day. And everything will say one thing - We like where we belong and we belong to our roots.

So much sharing on the name of origin. But before you go, i'd like to entertain you with the latest performance on my Guitar, recorded in my class today. Sir brought all those mic and stuff suddenly or else, i'd have dressed like a rock star, ready to break the stage with my performance. Just kiddn'. i am still learning. Enjoy the video by the way.


  1. Just a thought! You probably should have preferred to stay in a homestay than a resort if you liked nature so much.

    1. Yercaud was actually a random plan but i certainly never knew it too offers the same privilege. i'll keep your suggestion in mind for possible future trips.Thanks, Nikunj!


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