Friday, 7 July 2017

Ghost Knowledge

Kids can be teachers too, if you stay with them long enough. i run a book club at my home where kids read, have some snack, and where each session ends with the amalgamation of some cool activities such as learning new words, talking about the various aspects of the monthly theme (club has a theme to run on every month), kids get to hold the dais and speak on the given Q.. discussions and so on. It's a wonderful alliance, me with kids. 

This month's theme is - Hindi hain hum... (हिंदी हैं हम...). This encapsulates a comprehensive knowledge of the language. Kids can be well verse in speaking Hindi but not so much when it comes to read or teach the same. Kids at my club today picked up a Hindi book and started reading. To ensure maximum and real learning, i asked them to help each other whenever a Hindi world troubled them. This way, they can easily work on their vocabulary as well as know how to lean on peers for help. i was also there but i allowed kids to help one another. That was an interesting watch. 

When i started asking word meanings from their chosen books, i saw how kids could be so confident even about the wrong knowledge. i asked my kid the meaning of हाज़िर and he said - सलामती - meaning - well being. i said no but he was so sure of his vocabulary. हाज़िर means to come upfront, to come as demand, or- पेश होना/सामने आना. i told my kid the real meaning and he accepted it but the confident in him was impressive! i choose to call such knowledge 'Ghost Knowledge', where you think you are absolutely correct about something while you can be so stunningly wrong! 

If you look at the larger picture, we as well live in with ghost knowledge. What you think is clear becomes a confusion later on; what you take as a big achievement may turn into the size of a grain in front of a bigger goal; what you think is failure can be the door to a new opportunity. White is exactly not a single color but a rationale mixture of many. Tomato is a fruit but many think it as a vegetable. Neil Armstrong is the first human ever to set foot on the moon but facts can betray your knowledge totally. Conspiracy theories are good example to bust ghost knowledge. But not always we have a mentor sitting in front of us doing the meticulous corrections. Sometimes we have to live with our share of ghost knowledge, with or without knowing. 

Now before i settle for work, let me say the farewell by imparting some knowledge here. Do you know there is actually no national language for us, the Indians? Hindi is often said as the national language but if you rely on facts, our Indian Constitution has nowhere declared Hindi (or any other language) as our national language. But yes, all the government/official tasks are recommended to be done in Hindi. Well, that's a good boost anyway. There are also total of 23 national languages including English. And Hindi is also the 4th most-spoken first language in the world after Mandarin, Spanish and English. 

Quite a lot of information for you, yes? This is how much wise you get when you run a book club and stick to a theme every month. You too get to learn a lot.

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