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Something is wrong here!

i don't know what's wrong with my blog link. i am not able to reach it on my laptop. It's such a worrying issue. Every time i click, the below message is coming up.

It has never happened before and i don't know what to do?

The need of introduction - writing nuances

There are several nuances about writing that often make the narration crisp and gripping. Like skipping too much details of a particular character unless it's deemed necessary. Also, the mention of festivals, colleges, certain countries and their tourist spots is usually expected to come and go as guest appearances. People really would prefer visiting to Paris and sit by its river Seine than reading about it between the pages for too long. The right usage of characters, little routine things that are easily relatable, imperfect characters, the unanticipated but apt twist, nagging neighbors...these and many more make the story free flowing. Reader should not feel he is being kept from divulging into the main plot. 
In short, writing is supposed to be more suggestive than descriptive. 
Prolonged formal introduction of characters too is being frowned upon. It gives more of a feeling of being told a story than feel the story. So it would be an added charm if you just put the characte…

The power of acceptance.

After thinking for ten consecutive minutes, i don't know how to start today. So let's just begin with me saying - i am a dreamer. i believe in dreams. And with dreams this time, i mean the ones that come during sleep time.
So last night i dreamed i have dandruff in my hair. i was combing and appalled to see the heap of dust continued to gather on the floor. i was worried, of course as i don't have dandruff. i was thinking how much dandruff do i have? It's horrible!
Then i woke up. The dream continued to haunt me. i don't have dandruff but since i believe that certain dreams choose a way to tell the dreamer a specific something, to indicate a meaning in particular, i tapped on my favorite dream app that i have been using since a long time and had it downloaded on my mobile a couple of days back. And i was right. The dream did symbolize something that i could relate so damn well. And no. It did not say i may have dandruff. So i am a dreamer and a believer. 
Stress, …

The best seller day

i am supposed to be fast asleep at this time, you know. This whole week has been cruel on me, never sparing a minute extra of morning time. Every damn single morning my alarm had gone off either at 5.00 or 5.45 however i am perfectly okay to abide by responsibilities though i feel one lazy morning could have been a blessing. An extra hour or two of rejuvenation or mind spa or the state of both k/as Nirvana would be highly appreciated.

Today too was spent as if it was a best seller book and the reader was trying to finish it earnestly. Sometimes it comes as a wonder. You didn't get the chance to sit and write a single word (except this post), didn't pick the Guitar (except for in the class) and it was not even the book club day and lie down at the end of the day and think - Where did all the time go? i had thought of reading the newspaper, start a new book on Kindle, had decided to learn a few new tough songs on Guitar, have a stress free walk but... What an amazin…

रात की क़ब्रगाह

यह स्याह सी काली रात  किसी कब्र से कम नहीं  साँसों का ही फरक है, दोस्त  वरना मृत्यु से मुलाक़ात हर रोज़ होती। 
दिन भर चलते रहते पांवों की थकान  कर्त्तव्यों की अनगिनत फेहरिस्त  दूर हो जाती है, ग़ुम सी कहीं चली जाती है  बिस्तर की कब्रगाह में जब आँखें मूंद सी जाती हैं। 
बंद आखों के पीछे कौन जाने क्या देखता है  कौन सी सुनहरी दुनिया छिपी है, मुर्दों से कभी बयां ना हो सका   और इंसानों को भला नींद ही कहाँ आती है!
दुश्चिंताओं का भंवर, आने वाले कल की फ़िकर  लिपटे हुए से हैं ये साये बदन पे,  मोती सी सफ़ेद हो या रात सी काली घनी  बीते वक़्त की अग्नि में सांसें यूँ ही जलती रहीं। 
फिर भी, कहीं तो दीवार है कफ़न की गहराई  और जीवन की सच्चाई में, कुछ तो पर्दा है राख़ की रोशनाई, और नयी सुबह की दस्तक़ में  जाने क्यों लगता है जाने वाला ही खुशनसीब है  आँखें जो नहीं खुलतीं फिर से इसी दुनिया  की दहलीज़ पे। 
- प्रियंका बरनवाल 

The guy at the till

So this evening i finally stopped working everything else and started my car. The grocery shopping had turned from a necessity to a big urgency. Fridge was gone all empty. When i reached to my usual grocery store which houses everything, starting from fruits and veggies to cosmetics and biscuits, i found some of the things i needed was out of stock. Finally when i made it to the till, i found there was a guy about 5.8" tall, fair complexion, dressed as a corporate. He looked exhausted but still manageable in public. While my trolley was filled with fruits, veggies, milk and egg cartons etc., his' was empty. In fact, he didn't have any trolley with him. He just placed four packets of ready made parathas (Indian breads) on the till and took it away once the billing was done. It wasn't hard to guess he either lives alone or his wife is out of station and he does not know how to cook, if he is married at all.
i usually don't pay this much attention to the people befo…

When you run out of words...

...internet helps you to express.

Going back to the roots/my latest Guitar performance

In this era of fast developing technology and the desperation of creating ways for better communication, human kind has sure come a long way. i hold my new phone with these amazing features and solid infra structure built within, it feels like i have taken a big leap. Talking about its 6 GB RAM and 64 GB memory, it simply sweeps me off my feet. i know. There are much bigger inventions being done these days but i am sticking to a simple example. Because humans may have evolved drastically but it only understands simple things said in a simple language.
Having said that, my friend with that frown on your face, i intend to share a very simple thought. Often i feel like going to places alone and sit there and write, just write, and play my Guitar. When i see those beautiful HD wallpapers of nature's beauty, i tempt to enter directly into the screen, in those stunning landscapes and stay there. Here i am talking as a writer and a musician. As an artist. To live your art, you have to s…

Ghost Knowledge

Kids can be teachers too, if you stay with them long enough. i run a book club at my home where kids read, have some snack, and where each session ends with the amalgamation of some cool activities such as learning new words, talking about the various aspects of the monthly theme (club has a theme to run on every month), kids get to hold the dais and speak on the given Q.. discussions and so on. It's a wonderful alliance, me with kids. 
This month's theme is - Hindi hain hum... (हिंदी हैं हम...). This encapsulates a comprehensive knowledge of the language. Kids can be well verse in speaking Hindi but not so much when it comes to read or teach the same. Kids at my club today picked up a Hindi book and started reading. To ensure maximum and real learning, i asked them to help each other whenever a Hindi world troubled them. This way, they can easily work on their vocabulary as well as know how to lean on peers for help. i was also there but i allowed kids to help one another. T…

The day with no past and future/13 minutes

Me: i am happy!!
Life: Lol! One sec.
Sounds familiar? Well, i hope not.
What else to write? i have just begun and i am clueless. i peer out, at the dark night, the glowing lights of the houses; i hear the water purifier running its course, i hear running fans, meant to comfort; except for all these muffled noises, the house is so utterly damn silent. i accidentally watched a second long clip of a horror video today on FB and now i am scared! Even though i did stop the video and turned off the sound immediately yet One Second was enough! i wonder. One Second. How it can have such huge effect on someone. Now i am not sure whether i'd be able to sleep tonight. i simply don't wish the horror lady shouting from above the wardrobe be welcomed in my dream.
On more serious note, no one knows the future. No one understands the past. What remains to juggle with is - the present. i was on my swing this morning, analyzing all three together. Would it be not cool if there was no past? Or, no…

Have a walk, have an idea.

You no need a KitKat to have a break. You no need a specific sim card to have an idea. Have a walk and you can have both of them.
This evening i thought to have a break (i sound as if i am the busiest person on earth, eh!) and go downstairs with my Kindle. Usually there are people strolling, talking, spending some quality evening time with neighborhood friends. It's not that i don't have a friend. i have. Many. But today i preferred the best one to be with. As i settled on the side pavement, i found it's actually tricky to read in public, when people are around. i needed some fresh air and a different ambiance. Walls of my home, i feel, have started to stare me back. A perfect revenge in exchange of doing the same with them. Anyway, i pulled the dose of my concentration high and once the world around was put on snooze, reading became better.
After about 45 mins of deep-Kindle diving, i took another break from the humming environment and went upstairs, on the terrace where…

The process called writing.

Assuming you too like to write, what'd be your answer if i ask - Why do you write? For me, i'll say - Because i don't know how to survive otherwise. 
That's not exaggeration and certainly not a lie. Not even an effort to rhyme the Q. and Ans. i really don't know how'd i manage living if i didn't know how to be expressive through words and symbols. It's just not my novels only where i write. There are several other platforms where i get the golden chance to express the desired. For example - my blogs, FB pages, poetry, occasional doodling, creating lay outs for each month for my book club, preparing speeches and award functions' content for my father (the ex-president of Rotary club). i prefer my WA statuses too to be creative. It's actually more of a boon than a curse being a writer. The natural ability makes you feel different, do things differently, think differently. That is why people often say - writers belong to a different world. 
There …

The night of passionate debate

There was a pleasant nip in the night air. In fact, it wasn't air at all! It was wind...chilly and crisp - typical Yercaud seasonal weather. We - me with my husband and a family of three (mother, father and the son) - were enjoying  the lit fire pit after sumptuous dinner at the hotel. They kept talking while i sat warming my hands around the fire, listening to them talking about data analysis, Bangalore in favor of analysts, doctors and their lives (both the parents were doctors) and many things. Since it was my first official fire pit experience in a traditional way, i chose silence and listened to others, rarely offering my comments. Such as when my husband said during some explanation that human beings are the most intelligent species on the earth. i interrupted and said, no. It's not true. We are not the most intelligent. A light discussion crackled on this and after searching, i found it's Dolphins. They are the most intelligent species. it was nice to have the comp…

Willy the Whale

It's Sunday, the holiday but i thought to settle down for work. Kid went out to play after watchin' his cartoon but before i could know, the remote was in my hand and there were channels getting flipped on the big black paneled screen called television. i was hopin' to catch on a good English movie. Adding to my luck, there was one - Free Willy. Never heard of it but goin' by the info, i decided to continue.

Free Willy is about a killer whale named as Willy (the hero for me) and a little boy named Jesse. Since i had missed out on the first 55 minutes, i could gather Jesse is a street kid and somehow got a hold on the captive Willy under his special boyish training. Willy follows his instructions. The Greedy People of the show tries to put a show of Willy with Jesse to earn fancy money but Willy couldn't perform. Jesse gets disappointed and is about to leave for some city when he realizes Greedy People have turned Wicked and are now planning to kill Willy. Jesse als…