Sunday, 18 June 2017

Wishing you a Happy Father's Day, Mummy.

You are the ears to my words  
eyes for my suffering and happiness
you are a mate whenever my soul ache
you are the friend whenever i need one
you are my best critique for my betterment
you are not only an earth to me
Mother! in you, there is also a father i see;

The longing to sit next to you
feeling your presence glowing in me
i smile when you laugh at nothing
i look at you even when you are not looking at me;

You'll never know how much i love you
you will never see what you instill in me
it's just not only the chapters of life 
but also the will to thrive and survive;

You may think i am out of your womb, mother
you may think there is no longer a cord connecting us
but the way you take us in your protective shelter
there can never be another womb so better!

So allow me to wish you in my way
with love sweeping your heart away
Father sure will get jealous after reading this
but he needs to know that he is not alone
in the road of loving and protecting his own 
he has got a soldier, a resilient ally 
here is to wish you
A Happy Father's Day, Mummy. 

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