Thursday, 15 June 2017

Read 50 pages to decide

It was my book club this eve. After all the reading and healthy snacks, i talked to kids about Books and their benefits - about how books can be a good conversation starter when being in a strange group as well as about how book reading makes the person friendlier than the others. These benefits are good. i also shared the result of a specific research. It says that - read 50 pages of book to decide whether you want to continue with it. It is called - Rule of fifty.

A nice rule, i'd say. However, since kids' books are often thinner than adults' novels, i told my club kids to try reading for 20 pages if not more. Those 20 pages will help you in knowing whether you'd like to continue. Along with this, i also emphasized on - whether you like the book or not, once you have started, make it a point to finish it. Because Finishing is as important as Starting a book. They agreed with me. It was not the first time i was mentoring them over the significance of finishing a book but reminding one thing over and over actually gets settled in the head. Then the person hardly ever forgets it.

Last week i had given them a little assignment in their club copies - Who is your favorite teacher and why? Today we talked about it. It was good and fascinating listening them. Even Ashmit spoke fondly about his Rupa ma'am. Jyoti likes Seema ma'am while Abhay finds his ____ ma'am ( i seem to forget the teacher's name). i am trying to not to focus much on the fact that women have been tutoring their children in schools very well. They are becoming favorite. Then i also told them about two of my favorite teachers - 1. Harjeet miss when i was in 7th and 8th std. she was our Punjabi teacher. Yes. i do know a little of this language as well; 2. Late Mittal sir. During my medical preparation, it was because of Mittal sir that Physics became an interesting subject to me. i told my kids that if it wasn't for Harjeet miss and Mittal sir, i'd never be able to enjoy Punjabi and Physics. It was nice to see kids paying attention.

We also talked of Quote of the Week delivered by Ramanujan Sir. He has emphasized much on taking up Individual Sport like T.T., badminton, lawn tennis, and swimming. Individual sports are good for a person because in such sports, winning or losing depends entirely on the player and not on a team. With team sports such as cricket or volleyball, one can blame the other players for losing and also, will never be able to take the credit for the victory while this case is different in individual sports. The player gets to learn about survival instinct, increases his concentration, self-awareness, reflexes etc. Sports actually makes a student smarter and helps in doing better in academics. This and many more things i talked with sir over tea a few days back. He is a very nice person, very kind and a great enthusiast. His sportsmanship is infectious. The club thanks him for giving us his valuable time and a quote.


At the end, i then gave kids a Q. to work on  - What things make their schools cool? It is based on the month's theme- School is Cool. Next week, each one of them will hold the dais and elaborate on the answer. i am truly looking forward to what they have to say on this. Even i will also share what made my school and college really cool. It is a fun invigorating question i believe and i expect my kids to speak up on it nicely.

At the end, it was another good day at the club. With all that reading and so much of interesting discussions, i hope i am imparting some good knowledge and experience in my kids.

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